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286 Sunshine LIVE Ep 114 - YES Citrus County is spending millions to pollute the waterways!
Sep 23, 2022

286 Sunshine

Bringing you news and events in the spirit of the Florida Sunshine law statute 286. The rise of...



Here's proof! Citrus County is spending millions to pollute the Tsala Apopka chain of lakes. The BOCC voted 5-0 to continue the practice. I was called an alarmist. Let's see if I am or not. Sent them an email. NONE responded including #shellgameOliver who I saw at the TDC meeting on Wednesday. Some #forprofitcrookGeneMcGee attempted to tell the room a lie. He was corrected. Email all of the commissioners and tell them how you feel about #pesticidepollution. Can't wait to tell you what the hazards are. Definately not safe as #shellgameOliver tried to claim. Glad a liar is gone! [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] #stopthepesticidepollution #CitrusCountypesticidepollution #moredirtypolitics #moneyforpoison #fullhazmatsuitsforcancer #FWCclassactionlawsuit #Pancreaticcancer #livercancer #killingmamatees #killingDolphins

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On laptop Tampa wastewater

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