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A Lesson To the GOP Swamp: Don't Lie, Don't Defame, Don't Throw Allies Under The Bus
Aug 11, 2022

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Andrew Torba breaks down the Blake Masters situation.

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  • "I'm a Christian man. I don't form an idol out of my race, and you shouldn't either" - Andrew Torba

    VERY good way to put it. Agree 100%

  • You must be over the target, Brother-of-Mine! But You're Covered With The Blood Of Jesus...NO weapon formed against you shall prosper! Isaiah 54!

  • #KatyMiller is a #JewishPrincess and is married to a fellow #Israelite. It is time to send her back to #Israel. #Aliyah

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  • Wow, I've never seen Andrew Torba this BOLD before. I LIKE it

  • Love this man! A true and unashamed follower of Christ! God bless and protect him!

  • How are you going, exactly, to get compensation for the smearing? You are a public figure so you don't have but very basic defamation protection.

  • I notice the referenced Rolling stones article:

    Mentions her relationship with Stephen Miller. The impossibly spherical headed head of another, competing social media site.

  • As always Andrew great video, stop caring about these shills. God finds you a way,

  • What a good-lookin' cowboy! And he even speaks the truth while wearing a black hat! So much for stereotypes. Love Gab and the man behind the platform. Keep up the great work. Andrew and crew!

  • Is Katie a Christian? That might be worth asking?

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