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Addressing the ADL Hit Piece On Andrew Torba
Aug 21, 2022

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Andrew Torba breaks down how the ADL, Big Tech, and the Mainstream media team up to create a culture of fear.

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  • The ADL wrote a hit piece on you? No waaaaay, not the ADL...

  • Remember what the Nazis did in the 1930s - they began their 'campaign' by demonizing the real Jewish people. Now, in America, the media and their useful soldiers (such as the ADL) are demonizing Christian Nationalists, Evangelicals, etc.

  • People who really want to know whats going on all over the world. Google The FBI investigates the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and read the 24 protocols. You will see exactly whats going on all over the world. Its going on all over the world. The Bible says that the 10 kings are going to give to their King , the AC all their power and he will sit in the Temple as he were God . He will rule from Jerusalem. The Global Zionist Jews are the ones that are tearing down the world to build it back as the NEW World Order. They are working to get a 95% population reduction. Revelations 17 verse 12 thru 17 tells it all.

  • If anyone is savvy to their strategy, it’s you, Andrew. But I’m glad you fight back because you know how big God is.

  • Right on brother. Stand fast. Ephesians 6:14

  • Stay strong Andrew, you are over the target and they are scared so they attack.

  • Stand strong my brothers in Christ!

  • The FBI just arrested Gavin Mcinnes!

  • God Bless you Andrew for standing strong in Jesus and walking with Him in faith! Google and the restof big tech are pure Evil!

  • “Big tech”? You mean Jews. The Jews are after you. Jews are after any truthful person that’s effective so be proud. They support satanist, chrissy zios like John Hagie and other television pulpit pimps because they lead 50M idiots into anti-Christ worshipping chaos. It’s interesting that they admit there (for those who have ears to hear) that the Covid scandal was a Jewish operation. Even though you can’t typically fix stupid, if the Jews ever piss off 50M chrissy zios - they’re finished. Ignorant people tend to become quite vicious and reckless when they’re angered.

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  • I am over Jew-inspired reality. Do you hear me, ADL?

  • Stop wworrying about google and let the dead bury the dead. Opening old wounds is counterproductive as Christ already died, furthermre since the time Paul wrote to the Romans he has presented the sacrifice, all you nneed to do is make sure he's covering you and your faamily.

  • It's really sad that we must live in Google search monopoly, that The World of 7 billion is not able to produce an alternative. Duckduckgo and Startpage are just GUIs on same Google algorithm. And there is this idiotic Android, more and more crazy in any new iteration. The list of their authoritarian products is endless. Even giants like Huawei can not produce viable alternative (Petal search). Not to mention Yahoo, Bing, Mozilla etc. are ALL on the WEF sponsor list. I'm fighting this Google virtual reality with 'Google search filter' extension, but it's constant war.

  • Great Content, you are an effective voice for Truth and Righteousness

  • Congratulations, I'd consider it a badge of honor. Who cares what the jews put on their fucking jewgle. The more you make a deal of it the larger it will grow. Don't take the fucking bait.

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