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No Weapon Forged Against You Will Prevail
Jul 30, 2022

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Andrew Torba discusses the onslaught of mainstream media attacks against him.

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  • Many newcomers here on Gab, a lot of us don't know a lot and would like to be taught about Christianity. Nobody else will teach it out there so please, share your knowledge and advance this platform Mr Torba. I know there are many lifelong devout Christians here who are well read and have deep understanding, but think about those who have recently found out about the word of God and his son Jesus.

  • The NWO and World Cabal Fractional Bankers can no longer profit by creating intercontinental wars, then profit on those wars by funding the wars on both sides. WHY ???? Because it is now too Dangerous for them to do so - Because somebody invented Nuclear Weapons. Like all Tyrants, Cabal solution is to bribe your Government officials to develop and release a new weapon onto to common people which will result in massive profits and power Government while the Cabal owned corporations get rich while the common people are killed and replaced by illegal hungry migrants . Make no mistake.....THIS IS A WORLD LEVEL COUP ATEMPT !!! The Cabal and China Bribed Governments are taking your guns, and are stealing your oil..... Just like the most recent Coup in Venezuela. Voting will not help - As they have forced mail-in ballots, no I.D. required to vote in person, and they have their own corrupt computer programs to assist in the ease of the Democrats changing your vote at the poles.

  • When you pray for the jew you pray for lucifer. When you call Jesus a JEW you are calling him lucifer. Dont unwittingly worship lucifer. the jews can not be saved PRAISE YAHWEH! If you dont know this , you are truly confused.

  • Those who call Christianity a "toxic religion" are Antichrist and are enemies of Christianity and are enemies of the United States. The U.S. Constitution is founded upon American / English Common Law—which was founded upon Christianity and the Law of God. Those who would attempt to change the Constitution and pervert it are guilty of the attempted overthrow of the true government of the United States; they are guilty of sedition and High Treason. Whoever denies that Christ is God is Antichrist. Those who make friends with Antichrists are themselves Antichrist. He would would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. True Christianity is doctrine. It is based upon what God decreed, not sinful man's ever-changing polluted notions. Christ is not Saviour of those for whom He is not LORD. Those who have been redeemed are not their own, but belong to Christ as Redeemer (as well as owned by Him as Creator). Those who live as if they are their own, and who do not obey what He commanded are not regenerate. "Good works" (that is, obedience to all that God commanded) is not part of salvation—it is the natural outflow / by-product of it: obedience, walking in your Father's footsteps, true change of life.

  • "Christians" need to realize that when they do not stand up for what Christ would stand up for—they deny Christ. Confessing or denying Christ is not merely assenting that you know His Name or are fond of it—but that you belong to Him and as your LORD you obey Him—and are not ashamed of Him, and are not friends with the world. This is also interesting... says a lot in a unique way If Good Men Sit

  • Thanks for standing up. Christians have been secularized, dechristianized, severed from their true heritage, faith, true form of government, for so long, and have become drunk on the wine of Babylon, and lust after entertainment (which programs them further into godlessness) and will stand and scream and cheer for savages playing with a ball, but will not stand up for what is right, morality, truth, freedom, true Christianity, our Constitution... you reap what you sow... Robert

    The Inestimable Importance of the Bible and Christianity

  • Amen! Thank you and stay strong in Christ! Paul

  • Bill Gates made a video { Bill Gates Briefs the CIA } in 2005 . It is of course claimed it was not real by damage control called Fact Check. In that video he said he could now defeat the VMAT2 gene that religious fanatics have . He showed a scan that showed the area of the brain that lit up in the scan of people who claim to be religious versus those who do not claim to be religious . He then said he could defeat that gene with a RESPIRATORY VIRUS and vaccine , Again this was 3 years after Fauci and Chaple Hill University patented Coronavirus Defect year 2002 patent 7279327 and 2 years after the Vaccine was patented # 7151163 In that video the Religious Fundamentalist was basically declared an enemy. Christians are Religious Fundamentalist in terms of the Global Zionist Jews and are held in poor esteme. In fact we are their enemies .

  • Amen!💗

  • Thanks for this spiritual message. I'm a christian too and very happy to listen you. Briget

  • The Talmud Is Pure Evil.

  • 🇺🇸! Hears eye opener and awesome gab defense for faith. Not a politician but is being drug into political game plays. Gives faith and defends his gab news for great people to not be misinformed but to get the big picture on media attacking truth

  • Cool...TOXIC...he he.

  • “Preaching the Gospel” is a difficult phrase to understand and nearly impossible to explain to an intelligent person, even by a well read Christian, which is likely less than 5% of church goers. Seeing God as TRUTH (literally) and Jesus the manifestation of TRUTH in the flesh (the Way and Light) is not so difficult to explain; However, quite difficult to accept by many, because it seems too simple and at times is unpleasant to the creature of emotion. Regardless of whether loved or abhorred, TRUTH is what is, without beginning or end, immutable, unharmable and unmocked always- God explained for those who can see. Christian churches are empty of TRUTH today and absolutely unarmed with WILL and INTELLIGENCE because if it. He who can’t accept TRUTH is without God, and though they may feel powerful through being aligned with popular belief, drugs or music, they are empty and a victim/tool of Jewry (The Devil/adversary). Chrissy zios are the best example of this calamity today.

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