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Twitter CEO on Free Speech
Apr 05, 2022

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Twitter's CEO demonstrates his lack of understanding for American values like free speech.

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  • "Bound by the First Amendment" Insane.

  • Yes, internet allows all to speak; despite Twitter's early successes, that same internet will allow all to be heard. From the progressive perspective, what is the possible harm in inclusive, diverse contributions? I am confused ...

  • This is certainly going to happen when foreigners who've never read or studied our constitution or bill of rights are running these platforms. Since we presently have leftists controlling this country, well they definitely aren't going to punish those controlling speech for them.

  • But you do not serve a public healthy discussion scenario! You delete anything you do not agree with! Therefore you should be controlled as you are not fit for purpose! Stop kidding yourself, you are a shyster, you do not believe in free speech - you only believe in YOUR version of free speech, namely that which agrees with your point of view! Let us hope Elon Musk turns you upside down and shifts you out the door. Then Twitter can return to being the open forum it was intended to be until it was taken over by dictators like you!

  • The way this guy talks is VERY manipulative! He talks about free speech as it binds you or being bound by it, well FREE speech is about freedom, but if you are an individual that does not want freedom on your platform THEY are the ones BOUND by the first amendment, not WE THE PEOPLE!! This guy is trying to justify why they do not want free speech, a healthy public is able to share freely without restrictions, Twitter is the enemy of free speech, more so this guy and those he works with etc are enemies of freedom!! POINT THIS OUT AT EVERY TURN!

  • creeps like this thing in the video are NOT American and have NO comprehension of our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS whatsoever

  • lol but then that is why I dumped twitter years ago.

  • WHAT an IDIOT!!! NOT in THIS country, Free Speech is 1st and Paramount in THIS country, GO HOME if you can't Adapt to that concept! More WOKE Left wingnut garbage.

  • Well Parag I don't know where you're from but in OUR country that pesky free speech thing is pretty important! Now with Musk onboard I hope he kicks your a** to the curb

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  • I want to see Andrew's pretty face.

  • Twitter's CEO summarizes quite well how anti-free speech his organization is and how it censors those who do not go along with these "changes" to what's acceptable speech.

  • This moron is from a sh!thole country applying his sh!thole standards to an American institution, which already is a POS, and thereby turning everything he touches into sh!t.. Why is this foreigner allowed to have such power over us?

  • I don’t need to watch this video. I learned enough by reading the cover text to know the USA was sold to free right terrorists who are keeping the American people hostage against their basic rights while applying double standards. Whoever is in authority sold the American people to these terrorisés instead of kicking the right-raping terrorists out of America. Who is keeping them accountable? Who is heroic enough to now keep them accountable for their violating acts of American basic rights? A shake up is needed to make every last one of those right-raping terrorists pay for the last 10 years without an ounce of mercy. If it means kicking their entire families and networks out of the USA, SO BE IT!!! And, kicking out every American who allowed them in and sold people’s rights to them in the first place, including their families and networks, unless they’d rather spend time in American prisons.

  • where is this dude from? Foreigner who wants to dictate what we can and can not say, think and can not think? Send him home into the hell hole he came from.

  • He’s a fascist moron obeying orders from the CIA!

  • Import Poos to manage your company, wait for them to follow your constitution

  • Then this platform should be limited to his country of origin?

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