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Pro-life Minnesotans react to the end of Roe
Jun 26, 2022

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Pro-life Minnesotans react to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, with Grace Evans of the Minnesota Family Council.

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  • Very intelligent and very GOOD LOOKING young pro lifers. I hope this beautiful young woman starts a beautiful family very soon.

  • Compare these young intelligent leaders to the filth that the democrats produce.😍

  • st louis park MN had a huge jewish population. since the 70's they have moved to hopkins and minnetonka area. a quick look at politicians in Mpls/MN will show you that they have represented the politicians hugely disproportionately. wake up!!!

  • Wouldn't that be something if childless couples as well as families who already have children step up are start adopting these unwanted babies whose mothers don't deserve them anyway.

    These soulless, heartless women have no idea of what the long term spiritual consequences of their actions will be. What if they reincarnate and they are that baby in the womb who wants life? I know I wouldn't want that karma on my soul.

    Killing in self-defense is always honorable. Killing innocent babies in the womb is not.

  • Wonderful young people. God Bless them!

  • This guy gets it. Killing babies is playing into the Devils hand.

  • The next Supreme Court decision should be to repeal the 19th Amendment.

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