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God Bless the Farmer Girls!
Jun 22, 2022


Proud Patriot, Loving father, Dallasite, Defender of Common Sense. Verified original GAB...



This Tennessee firecracker is on point. Advice? Go buy a deep freezer and a rifle....It's about to get bad this November.

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  • Absolutely need to stand behind our farmers..

  • Gotta beat em on price or taste. Sorry girl. You have to operate smarter. Bigger scale and smarter technical solutions.

  • 80f is nothing i work in 115f almost every day in summer in open cut mines australia

  • Agreed, start supporting the parallel economy because the other one is downgrading fast!🤪

  • I'm ready to marry her. :))

  • I married a farm girl, farmers are awesome.

  • Fk'n Democrates!

  • Amen. Look for local farmers, build your own co-ops, network and trade. Wake up and shrug off the yoke.


  • Exactly why I left Commiefornia and moved back to the Heartland. Without farmers, none of us would be here having this conversation.

  • Bucking hay bales in July, digging ditches, cleaning stalls in the barn. My childhood was a much smaller farm but I know exactly what you are talking about.

  • Hell...I'd work for her for free in 100deg heat

  • I hear what you're saying. Signed up for dive training yesterday, going into aquaculture off shore and out of reach. Any farmers pushed out of business should do likewise. The sea is big a lot of it is unexplored and there is no such thing as FBI or NSA or any of KGB or what eve the call themselves out there. There is one hell of a lot of room and a lot of food though.

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  • I am born and bred urban and I am so fucking jealous of her. What kind of loser would want to wreck it?

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