May 18, 2022


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  • More of them = more of that.

  • Buh buh buh...d'ey be Misunderstood!!! (Of course, when they're that smashed, who can understand a fkn thing they try to say?)

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  • Just in case nobody's said it yet...


  • F.T.H.H.! Shoot em! No one will even miss them! Where did they "learn" it is okay to do this? Tree/dwelling/savages!

  • The blacks are just being used as a tool, theyre just to dumb to realize it. Its being allowed in hopes of causing the White community to react with violence. The blacks are only hurting themselves at this point. Eventually these stores will close down and everything will have to be purchased online versus just driving to the store to pick things up. At that point those without money will go without completely.

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  • should go out and flatten tires while they are loading up.

  • The end will come when people begin raiding grocery stores like they do clothing stores.

  • Just another day in Apeifornia.

  • At least consider drop kicking them in the back of the head next time.

  • Thanks for recording and posting this. I think the chance of one of them having a weapon and turning their crime into an assault is low, but it's impossible to understand the intentions of each person in the moment. I hope your bravery leads to an eventual end of this store crime.

  • If you need a drink that bad you got problems....

  • Typical shitskin behavior. These people are filth and we don't want them in our country anymore.

  • Just another liquor stop by some Democrat elites. Cacafornia, where everything's shit.

  • You're a brave of them could have had a weapon. But you know they won't be prosecuted. I would never want to live in CA again!

  • love how this guy recording thinks these people are going to be punished lol....he really thinks the police are going to arrest these animals. ahahaha....he might get arrested for racism or some dumb shit.....even if the cops wasted their time arresting these animals the Soros DA would just let them go without charges because equity, racism, underprivileged, or what ever retarded faggot buzzword they can come up with.

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