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Sonic Colors Ultimate: Episode 5 Best Boss Beating Ever
Nov 05, 2022

Brandon Raby

God and video games and anything in between... I post what I enjoy (when I am able to anyway)....



As Tails continues to work on communicating with the mysterious aliens known as Wisps, Sonic continues to explore the Starlight Carnival. After all those Wisps aren't gonna save themselves! We finish up the episode by having the "Best Boss Beating Ever"! You aren't gonna miss this! Hope you enjoy! God bless!

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  • Games like this Sonic game have levels that you can use as little bundles; shorter content would probably work favorably for these types of games if you wanted some shorter videos to submit throughout the week.

    Games like Pokemon and MMBN, and probably most RPGs in general, don't seem to feel right as shorter videos...there've been multiple Earthbound episodes that I've recorded that clock in around the 45-55 minute mark and it feels like I haven't really done much in them.  If, for instance, I was following someone doing a blind FF6 run, and the videos were 10-15 minutes each, I probably couldn't be bothered to watch most of them since nothing would happen most of the time.  Just my 2 cents.

    The voice acting seems really low volume compared to everything else...

    Keep it up Brandon!

  • Baldy McNosehair! LOL

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