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RV TECH I Propane Safety With Gasstop
Jan 17, 2022


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In the RV world, there are products designed to make your experience more fun, and products designed to make your experience easier. There are also products designed to help you stay safe. In this video we will take a look at a unique safety device designed for use in any RV that utilizes propane. The Gasstop device from Diversified Power Solutions is a propane safety device that touts a 100% propane shutoff in the event of a major leak incident. The Gasstop can also be used to test for minor leaks. Itโ€™s easy to install, and it provides a gauge for your propane levels. Sit down with us as we discuss why the Gasstop device is an attractive safety tool that we were eager to try out for ourselves.

Diversified Power Solutions sent John a couple Gasstop devices knowing that he would do the research to figure out if this was a worthwhile addition to our rig. We wanted to put a video together discussing some of the experiences that weโ€™ve had that made the concept of a Gasstop seem like an attractive product to own. John also breaks one of these devices down so you can take a closer look at how it works. Finally, heโ€™ll perform a minor leak test with the Gasstop to find out if our fifth wheel has any propane leaks.

For more information about the Gasstop, to purchase a device of your own, and to see some of the other leak tests that folks have performed - and trust us, some of them are pretty amazing - visit

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  • Good job! What would of happened if while testing you turned on the stove burner? Would that have showed as a leak?

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