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RV TRAVEL I Our First Trip Back to Indiana
Sep 19, 2021


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We've been a Full-Time RV family since May 2020, and traveling since November of the same year. It's been an incredible winter getting used to this lifestyle. Now, it's time to get back home to Indiana and visit friends and family. Our first trip home is a several days long journey that will take us out of Florida, through Georgia and Tennessee, before driving across Kentucky and back home to Indiana.

Along the way, we will pay special attention to our experience staying at Arrowhead campground on Lake Tobesofkee, Georgia and Madeline gets behind the camera when we visit Donut Palace in Manchester, Tennessee.

Season 2 of our vlogs will chronicle our journey through the American West, beginning in Missouri and heading ultimately to Idaho before we our next opportunity to visit home base. Visit our website, subscribe to our email list for updates, and consider becoming a member to unlock exclusive content and real time updates from our voyage!

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  • Cant say I would be excited heading into indianna, but if its home, I suppose so. I call Michigan home, its beautiful, but taken over by a tyrant as governor.

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