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Federal Judge Blocks New York's New Gun Laws Calling Them Unconstitutional
Oct 07, 2022

Colion Noir

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New York's new gun laws process required a ton of training no working person would have the time to complete.

They also stalk your social media going back three years to see if you're of good moral character.

To put the icing on the cake, even if you got the permit, you couldn't carry your gun anywhere because the new law made everywhere you would possibly want to carry a gun a gun-free zone.

On paper, you could get a concealed carry permit in New York, but in practice, you really didn't.

That's how badly New York wanted to restrict 2A Rights. They passed this law almost immediately after the ruling.

However, A Federal Judge just said that, "He would block the state from enforcing a lot of this new law.

He stated, "New York's attempts to bar guns in a number of places deemed "sensitive" — including museums, theaters, stadiums, Times Square, libraries, places offering services to children and anywhere alcohol is served — appeared impermissible."

That's the beauty of the supreme court ruling.

It held that New York's permitting system was unconstitutional and provided a test for any new laws passed to determine if they were constitutional.

Now it makes gun laws a lot easier to challenge in court because we won't necessarily have to wait until they get to the supreme court.

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  • Hochul, like Joe Biden, is the latest in drone technology.


  • He's great. Always enjoy his commentaries--clear and informative, well reasoned. Thank you for this. New York needs a political enema.

  • This is what is wrong...

    The US SUPREME COURT already ruled on this, so NYS does this bait and switch thing, and now it has to go BACK to the Supreme Court? I mean come on. The subject will never be fixed with the revolving lunacy of the law. It's like a man who has visitation rights, he goes to pick up his kid, the mother will not release them, he calls the police, the police say " Well you have to take her to court " so now, the father who already an ORDER OF VISITATION, has to go BACK to the same judge to enforce it? I mean really... when does it end?

    There NEEDS to be another REVOLUTIONARY WAR in this country, but this time, when it's over, we make SURE that NEVER again can ANYONE do this... That the SECOND a President behaves like Biden, he is IMMEDIATELY REMOVED, and his VP is WARNED... don't even try it or your gone too.

    It's one thing to have politicians promote laws that are quality of life written. It is quite another, when those same politicians, city council, mayors, govs, senators, house reps, district attorney's, create laws that actually CONTRIBUTE TO DEATH. I have read the US CONSTITUION, the BILL OF RIGHTS, and my own states bi laws, there is no place that stipulates an elected leader can promote death of it's citizens.

    How the fuck we allow this, 225M citizens, how there are not guillotines lined up outside these offices and heads cut off. Because prayer, singing, begging, is not going to stop these people, only their FULL REMOVAL FROM THIS EARTH WILL... and if you want to fight me on this, I open and close with EZEKIEL 9-5 9-9 READ IT...

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