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Homeowner Opens Fire After 4 Robbers Kick in The Door
Aug 19, 2021

Colion Noir

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For everyone who thinks people don't need more than 10 rounds in their gun to defend themselves and/or thinks no one needs an ar-15:

If you knew that four guys with guns were getting ready to break into your house, which gun would you rather have at your disposal to defend yourself, a handgun or an AR-15?

I'm pretty sure the vast majority of you, if not all of you, would pick the ar-15.

In this next video, you have a homeowner in Pheonix, Arizona, who had to deal with that exact situation.

He was at home and saw on the security camera four guys with guns getting ready to break into his house.

So the next time you decide to tell someone what they don't need to protect themselves, I want you to come back to this video and ask yourself, if I knew four guys with guns were getting ready to kick in my door, which gun would I want at my disposal to protect myself and my family.

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  • Came here to see the bad guys get smoked. Left disappointed.

  • As I have gotten older I have gone full circle and would probably opt for a Benelli M4 tactical shotgun with a simple light on it, not even a laser.

    My weapon of choice is my Colt .45 cal Gold Cup semi-auto pistol with multiple 8 round magazines at hand in case a crazy armed mob picks MY house to invade by mistake.
    How do you protect yourself in a limited indoor space with a long rifle, ESPECIALLY with MULTIPLE ATTACKERS fanning out in an attempt to "surround" you? Note "surround" is in quotes since NONE OF THEM will get past the entrance. I'm a practical person. AR-15's and shotguns are great weapons, but a .45 cal semi-auto pistol is reliable, maneuverable, easy to aim quickly, and there is NO LIMIT to the number of available rounds when you have numerous 8-round magazines available. Reloading with a fresh magazine can't take more than a second, including dropping the slide (even left-handed), but surely after your initial greeting of armed intruders just inside the doorway, with an 8-round barrage of .45 cal rounds, you'll have plenty of time to load your next magazine, just in case. Let's not forget that a hit with a.45 cal bullet just about anywhere will STOP and disable an attacker. Lesser handgun rounds often produce self-plugging holes that will NOT stop any attack. A person shooting at attackers with a popular 16-round 9 mm pistol will stop fewer attackers than a person shooting an 8 round .45 ACP pistol (excluding head-shots). There's also the BIG issue of SAFETY. Are there other people in the house? Are there people outside who can be hit by stray bullets? Average .45 rounds can travel as slowly as 750 - 900 fps. AR -15 shoots .223 rounds about 3,000 fps. That's a HUGE difference in speed. The longer the barrel, the faster the speed. This is a big reason rifles are DANGEROUS for HOME DEFENSE. In addition to being harder to maneuver and aim in the small space of a home, a bullet shot from a rifle is very likely to penetrate many obstacles inside, as well as walls to the outside. This accounts for uninvolved people being injured or killed by bullets from a gun fight they can't even see. What about family members in other rooms? For safety's sake, FORGET ABOUT using your favorite AR-15 or any other rifle as a home defense weapon.

    We need to think through possible defensive situations BEFORE anything happens to insure our safety if ever attacked, especially if we depend on our firearms for our protection. THINK ABOUT IT.

  • AR every time.

  • Can’t get the dang thing to play.

  • The one time in a thousand that one of them was white (pale skinned at least) is the one that gets an internet video of the incident.

  • The leading gun control advocates/funders are Jews. Michael Bloomberg is head of the biggest gun control organisation.

  • I bet Australia hates they gave up their arms now just ask one today

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