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Hypocrite Kamala Harris Says AR-15s Were Designed to Kill a Lot of Human Beings Quickly
Oct 03, 2022

Colion Noir

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If these so-called assault weapons have no place in civil society, why do our police have them?

Are our police trying to kill a lot of human beings quickly?

If so-called assault weapons have no place in a civilized society, why does the secret service, you know, the people tasked with protecting you, have actual assault rifles?

Is the secret service trying to kill a lot of human beings quickly?

Of course, they’re not ( unless there’s something you’d like to tell us)

They have so-called assault weapons for the same reasons millions of Americans do; they have them to protect life, not take them.

For something that you claim was designed for only one thing, we sure do use them for many other things.

The police, FBI, and your secret service have these so-called assault weapons because criminals have them.

So if you all believe it makes sense to have them because the criminals do, then it makes even more sense for the American people to have them because the criminals do.

There’s nothing civilized about the amount of crime taking place in this country right now.

You don’t get to tell us that we can’t own so-called assault weapons because there’s no place for them in civilized society while you’re literally surrounded by special agents carrying those exact types of guns to keep you safe.

Long story short, in the hands of we the people, so-called assault weapons were designed to save - a lot - of lives - quickly.

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  • How dare this ignorant woman use those dead children to attempt to blame it on a rifle. ALL THOSE SCHOOL CHILDREN WERE MURDERED BY DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS WHO MADE LAWS THAT RESTRICT SCHOOL PERSONNEL FROM TRAINING AND CONCEAL CARRYING A GUN ((WHICH WOULD HAVE CREATED THE MISSING DETERRENT TO PREVENT THESE TYPES OF ATTACKS. The FBI and DOJ buildings are not attacked by psycho shooters because they have a "Deterrent" which is a conceal carry and rifles which prevent the psycho from even trying to attack the buildings.

    But the most valuable resource in the USA (our school children) are not worth protecting in the eyes of Democrat Politicians who are stealing our money and Freedom in so many ways. In fact, it is clear that there is a Coup going on and the Tyrannical Democrats have bee sacrificing our school children in order to disarm the USA of their most capable Tyranny Deterring Riffles, which is the AR 15 and others like the AK-47.

    The facts are clear, the Democrats are on the verge of creating Civil War. And they want to take only our capable weapons in order to enslave the common workers. Because We The People can clearly see that the Democrats are stealing our Economy and taking hold of our private bank accounts in the USA.

    It is not the time to allow these Criminal Tyrannical Democrats to take more power while killing our children with deadly mRNA's and routing all our money and housing to illegal border crossers.

    It is time to buy a capable rifle like a 50-Cal or an AR 15. Not just because is can defend us against the Democrat Attack during a Civil War.... But because a capable rifle can be seen as a "Deterrent" to War by the Tyrants that want to steal our children and our lands.

    There has never been a more important time in US History for the average citizen to own an AR 15 or similar. Out Gov is becoming Tyrannical and we need to maintain the Deterrent to another Tyrannical attack against the US citizens. There is now a very high probability that COVID and the fake mRNA's were a Gov attack against all patriots and their businesses, And now the Tyrannical Federal Reserve has raised the interest rates in order to prevent the Patriot Businesses from barrowing money to Recover those Democrat Downed Patriot Businesses.... Raising the interest rates has nothing to do with reducing inflation - as did the Trillian Dollar Inflation Reduction Bill. It was a lie, just like all the other Democrats and Jew owned Cabal News Media lies.

    Vote Nov 8 2022 and remove all the Democrats that you can. This is a war. Let's not escalate it - As the Democrats did Ukraine, and the Democrats drove Putin into the arms of China and Venezuela... Which means that it would be simple for Putin to smuggle a shielded nuclear weapon up from Venezuela and over the Mexican Borders which are forced open by the Democrats !

    Kamala Harris is a pot smoking ignorant women who jailed thousands of innocent citizens for smoking pot while laughing as she admits that she smokes pot. and while she enjoys being protected by the same rifles that she says we cannot use for our own protection because they are designed to kill.

    Regarding killing.... Democide has killed more people than all the recent wars combined, and Democide begins with feeble minded voting women who put other feeble minded women in powerful Political position, Ignorant women who count words on each finger * rather than counting valid points on each finger. Women who carry knee*pads around in their purse looking for another Willie Brown.

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