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Joe Biden Says He Won't Rest Until AR-15s Are Banned In 60 Minutes Interview
Sep 20, 2022

Colion Noir

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Joe Biden 60 Minutes Interview

Can you image if Joe Biden had declared, "We passed the most extensive anti-free speech legislation in 30 years" or "We passed the most extensive unreasonable search and seizure legislation in 30 years"?

People would be running around screaming the world is ending.

That's essentially what he just said. Joe Biden just bragged about being the most anti- 2nd Amendment president in 30 years if not in our history.

Why does the leader of a country built on the ideal of freedom boast about limiting that freedom?

The Second Amendment was explicitly written into our constitution; it is not a recommendation.

Actually, they went a step farther.

They opted to add 10 Amendments to the Constitution after the Constitution was written because they believed that these rights were so crucial that they needed to be explicitly stated, and Joe Which Way Do I Go Biden is blatantly gloating about violating the only Amendment that states that it "Shall Not Be infringed"

Joe Biden is a political snob in the finest sense; he has spent practically his entire professional career in politics.

Joe Biden doesn't care about you other than how much he can control you, and the 2nd Amendment is the largest roadblock in his path of achieving so because a government cannot just impose its will on a society of armed citizens.

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  • We still did duck and cover up through 1984

  • Fuck joe biden i will defend with my life my 2A rights

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