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Man Accidently Shoots Himself In The Groin & His Dog, Use A Holster
Oct 05, 2022

Colion Noir

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I'm going to go out on a limb and assume this guy didn't have a holster.

It baffles me the number of people I've seen who have no problem putting a loaded gun inside their pants without a holster.

Stop doing this because it's not a matter of if you're going to shoot yourself; it's a matter of when.

Have we not learned anything from Plexico Burress?

There is no benefit to carrying a gun without a holster.

Holsters protect the trigger from being snagged, holds your gun so it doesn't slide down your pants, and position the gun in such a way that you can get to it faster if you need to defend yourself with it.

In some cases, it hides the gun better because some holsters have devices that push the gun's grip against your body, minimizing its print.

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  • He make sure he shows you who pays him .. flashing the triple six sign he doesnt let it go.. baaam!!!

  • Thats a lot of stupid people in that video. Too many people get their safety training from movies, so there's that.

  • Really good advice. . .it's so simple it escapes many people who have to be told such things: logic is not their strong suit. I think people who own guns ought to make it their business to get at least a couple hours of instruction before shooting, because in it they will learn basic common sense rules (one of these would be not to just put a gun in your pocket.

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