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NY Governor Says Her Rights As Governor Trumps Constitutional Rights To Conceal Carry
Sep 03, 2022

Colion Noir

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We're having this conversation because of tyrants like Kathy Hochul who refuse to give anyone in New York City a concealed carry permit!

The Supreme Court had to step in and remind you that there's a thing called a constitution that you're violating by not granting concealed permits to your citizens.

New York laws were set up to prevent almost anyone from being able to get a permit unless they were elite like her.

The court said New York must have an objective standard to determine who gets a permit.

The supreme court didn't say New York had to give a permit to any and everyone.

Instead, it said that New York needed a fair process that citizens could objectively meet instead of subjective standards that decided not to give out permits to law-abiding citizens.

She responds that "the Supreme Court stripped away HER rights as a governor" because she doesn't want anyone in New York to have a permit to carry a gun for their protection.

The constitution was written to tell the government what they can't do against your rights!

She just said that the Supreme Court protecting the constitutional right of New York citizens was a violation of her rights as a tyrant.

I want you to ask yourself, does this sound like a woman who is worried about the safety of her citizens or a tyrant who is afraid to lose power over its citizens?

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  • This is why leftist avoid debates at all cost. To not even listen to ideas different than their own, they can excuse their bad ideas because they "Don't know of an alternatives" or they act like TYT and just pretend to know what gun advocates think, while refusing to listen to what they think.

  • She's disgusting. How come she has guards with guns?

  • What did you expect? She's jewish. Just like George Soros, like Klaus Schwab, like Chuck Schumer, like the Rothchilds, like Adam Schiff, like Jeffery Epstein, like Harvey Weinstein, like Anthony Podesta, like Barbara Learner Specter, like Trotsky, like Lenin, like Seth Bloomberg, like Mark Zuckerberg, like Bill Gates, like Robin Deangelo... I mean how many names of jewish tyrants destabilizing the world does it take to name before you retards to finally notice the pattern here? Oh yeah, that's right I forgot... it's all about the shekels. Enjoy the West turning into cannibal warlords of africa....

  • Colion does well with his play by play analysis. One thing to add in the deaths by firearms statistics - they include suicide by firearm, which account for 70% of suicide deaths. So, the quoted statistic is skewed on its face. Another thing - they should stop referring to areas where guns of any kind are not permitted as 'Gun Free Zones,' when Target Rich Environments are what they become. Never has the bumper sticker quote become more truthful - "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

  • who would stay in states like this anyway, plenty are leaving, this is only one reason why

  • Such a Maroon She shows clown-ass to be.

  • The police cannot protect you

  • She needs to be put in PRISON for lying to her people! a 100 year old ILLEGAL law. Numbers STILL DO NOT MATTER, it is a CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AMERICANS (not just criminals) CAN CARRY A WEAPON!

  • What crisis? In my 53 years, I've never seen anyone get shot. And I was in the Army. These tyrants MUST GO!

  • They helped kill more with their Jabs

  • -They help create the problems to swoop in and say they must step on your rights to fix what they broke like the drug problems they import and profit from and if America wants to be totally torn down like Australia and Canada is right now getting give up your fire arms and receive the same they must never ever be trusted to defend anything but destroy and enslave everyone

  • This woman is ignorant. She should not be in a leadership position. Zero preparation before her speech. She has a "Right" to be replaced ASAP. And We The People are going to replace her.

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  • This is how ALL THESE COMMIES work!!! Rules for thee not for me...

    Get rid of them all

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