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OOPS Joe Biden Admits The AR-15 Is Designed To Defend People & America
Sep 25, 2022

Colion Noir

Attorney | 2A Advocate | Dallas / Houston 🤘🏿| Firearm 🔫 & Car 🏎 Enthusiast |🎥...



I'm sure there will be those who watch this and say, "Oh, it was just a Freudian slip, he really didn't mean to say that a so-called assault rifle is designed to defend America & defend people."

You're probably right; he probably didn't mean to say it.

However, it is what he truly believes, as it is those very "assault rifles" that his security carries and uses to protect him.

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  • Great video. Great rebuttal. You are improving. Keep increasing your knowledge and improving.

  • But Colion, he was clean.

  • The guy has dementia he is just a puppet of his jewish cabinet, the real guys who own this country

  • Paint you AR pink and put "hello kitty" stickers on it. The left will accept them as flower planters then.

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  • Joe is a bloody liar. No individual steps out with their shotguns for target practice. a president who has brought crime activist who has brought disaster open there nation into our beloved nation America, it's all clear joe loves crime because he is a crime lord.

  • Biden is a liar. Nobody takes their shotguns out for the target practice. Remove ALL Democrats or become enslaved just lie Venezuela was recently enslaved by a Tyrannical Gov. And now you are paying for the Venezuelans who Biden invited into the USA !!! What happens if your Presidents continue to invite illegals who destroyed their own country into the USA ????

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