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This Video Is Why I Don't Open Carry
Oct 14, 2022

Colion Noir

Attorney | 2A Advocate | Dallas / Houston 🤘🏿| Firearm 🔫 & Car 🏎 Enthusiast |🎥...



There are one or two times I will open carry.

If I'm forced to get gas late at night, I'll sometimes tuck my shirt behind my gun while I pump my gas, and that's only to make my access to the gun faster and easier, considering I now have to stand at this pump late at night looking like a lick.

Gas stations are a carjacker and robbers paradise because the gas station is when you're vulnerable, just like when I'm at the ATM.

Other than those scenarios, I never open-carry.

I don't like the attention it brings, and I don't always want to deal with boxed wine Karen freaking out and pearl clutching anytime I walk into a Starbucks during pumpkin spice latte season.

That being said, if you are going to open carry, don't carry the damn gun in your front or back pocket with the grip hanging out.

You're just asking for someone to come up and take your gun.

You never know when someone is watching you, and if you're open carrying, you better believe people are watching you, and it's more than likely people whose radar you don't want to be on.

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  • No retention? No lanyard?

  • pearl clutching Karen lol

  • Colion, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you 'said' regarding open carry of a firearm. What you didn't "say" is that if you happen upon a situation where someone has nefarious intent but has not made that known yet, and you present as an open carrier, there is a distinct possibility that you could become the first victim. A criminal intent on committing a crime may have planned out the removal of an obvious threat as an opening salvo to the onset of an assault, robbery or other public political statement. Open carry is what I call telegraphing your movements. It lets everyone know you are carrying and puts you on their radar, and that becomes your disadvantage.
    I have also watched folks who open carry and they seem to display a false sense of security, thinking that the gun will somehow do the watching for them. Their demeanor is relaxed, and they become sloppy their movements, specifically, allowing open approach and proximity to their gun side, and by keeping their gun hand occupied making it virtually impossible to draw their weapon without additional time or attention gathering (i.e. dropping the items in their hand, further telegraphing their movement) before engaging the threat.
    One thing about concealed carry in certain states and minors. In Alaska, where I live, it is a constitutional carry state with exceptions. No one under 21 may carry concealed but may carry open. Most states have open carry laws for those without permits, and those states will not typically issue permits to minors under 21. I say that to say this; Often when you see open carry it is by those under 21 who cannot conceal and in most cases that person has not undergone much in the way of formal training regarding tactics, shoot no shoot training much less retention and weapon grab avoidance training. There is a lot of free training out there, but you usually get what you pay for, though there are some great forums that walk you through the basics and leave it to you to practice to a level of proficiency as one should, given the awesome responsibility and liability of carrying a firearm. NRA is a good place to start. Also, GOA, USCCA, NAGR etc. There are some reputable youtube related video training, but nothing takes the place of one on one or small group iterations.

    Thanks for all you do to keep these topics at the forefront of our limited attention span.

  • I had a lot of harvest after seeing this post of yours! Before, I used to play games, this is a fun game for entertainment, but now I will follow you, read your articles will have more knowledge.

  • While I appreciate your view your evaluation misses a point on why this guy had his gun snarked: situational awareness.He wasn't paying attention, not to mention his holster was too far back. CC is good for some situations but most will put you in a distinct tactical disadvantage, Re: Your response speed to threats in bringing your firearm to bear on your attacker or target.

  • All cops and Sheriffs are stupid for open carrying. I will always open carry.

  • Looks like Black on black situations.

  • "They know the chances of you carrying a second gun are slim to none" 2nd, and a 3rd not to mention my vest....I don't like people.

    But this had little to do with the method of carry. This was a case of a dumb nigger with a gun not paying attention and getting it lifted by another dumb nigger without a gun. "Around Blax never relax."

  • Good arguments.

  • Great commentary on open carry.

    And YES I was eyeing that hat!

  • That's the first thing that has always been on my mind when hearing the "open carry" phrase.

  • While open carry is legal in my state, I don't do it, I want the element of surprise on my side. Like Paul Kersey, I often go out late at night on the seedier parts of the city, feigning sickness and looking as vulnerable as possible, hoping some spook will try to take advantage of my "weakness". Meanwhile, I have my "9" tucked under my belt with my shirt pulled down over it.

  • Safariland 6360 level 3 retention holster was specifically designed to prevent a criminal from taking your firearm from you. It was designed with decades of LEO input and incidents in mind. A lot of input came from law enforcement officers all over the U.S. (Canadian and other nationality LEO's also may have had input in the Safariland design process) after a lot of officers have been murdered with their own firearms. Specifically the ALS latch inside the holster creates a friction point when someone pulls up on the firearm which actually prevents it from being removed. It locks onto the slide and actually holds it in there.

  • Here in Texas, almost 1/4 of all driver license holders also have a LTC. Practically speaking, not nearly that many actually carry on a day by day basis, but those daring to do evil have to consider, "these people have a LOT of guns". Conceal carry keeps the bad guys guessing, "does he/she, or doesn't he/she?"

  • I open carry whenever I'm in the yard... I live in the country... but it's good advice you gave... you always have to stay aware somebody might try to take your arms...Thanks Colion!

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  • He also made a huge mistake, which is that around other blacks, you can never relax. Behavioral patterns simply dictate that there are certain statistical probabilities one has to expect.

  • Good shit, love it Colion.

  • Try using a SERPA holster.

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