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Media Ignores Latest Gay Pedophile Scandal
Jan 20, 2023

Sarah Cain

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A homosexual couple adopted 2 children that they routinely sexually assaulted and even sold to other gay men. The media is looking away and distracting viewers with a story about a pride jersey. Don't let that happen.

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  • 03:15 Pedophilia is far from the only way homosexuals reproduce. As a completely heterosexual man whose a survivor of fag pedophilia as a child, its utterly stupid for Conservatives to insist that's necessarily the case. "pedophilia is how homosexuals reproduce". Pedophilia is far from the only way homosexuals reproduce. That standalone blanket statement carries the weight of stigma and coverrup. Pedophiles with homosexual inclination are VERY often covert about their homosexuality. Pedophiles are banking on that STIGMA! A hell of a lot of other predisposing factors can happen that makes people repulsed by the opposite gender.

  • I'm thankful for alt media, for bringing this evil to light!

  • Thank you for the post. Very Eye opening.

  • And still no word on who funded them, or paid for their gigantic house.

  • All faggots are pedophiles. And all faggots are groomers.

  • This is how they reproduce

  • Thank God, you are Telling the Truth. I see No One, reporting on the January 10th NAU (North American Union), the Biden Deal ending America as a Nation.

  • "They are currently serving nine life sentences but that doesn't seem enough somehow." - Sarah Cain

  • Of course they did.

  • Glad you are posting about this. Also it's good to see you back and in good health. This story needs to go viral or it will happen again and again. I recommend the term "Poster Perv" in lieu of poster boy for the LGBT celebs.

    One constructive critique, it would be good to mention Mia Cathell of for breaking the story. She deserves a mention.

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