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Birbs and a Squirrel
May 14, 2022


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  • Different colors, different creatures, different food habits, different intelligence and values- yet still living together without killing each other or accusing each other of being a species-ist. Wisdom cries out in the grass as well as the streets.

    Perhaps nature loving leftists could learn we don't have to be the same to get along. BUT, we all know their ideology was implanted by evil planners.

    Thanks for the simplicity. Sorry to bring the constant battle narrative into the peace, just thought it was relevant.

  • Sometimes two species hang out together like turkey and deer, the eyes & the ears. Keeps both of them safer.

  • A nice peaceful morning with little animals. Thanks for sharing.

  • ? Why didn't you title it birds, a squirrel, a car, asphalt, grass, trees, birds in flight, a telephone pole and a sidewalk? Maybe I should take a video of the sky and title it "Sky".

  • I don't get it. Their interactions seemed faint if not at all.

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