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Alex Jones' "Perry Mason Moment"
Aug 04, 2022

The David Knight Show

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The sudden, dramatic presentation of new evidence that changes everything.

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  • Without Alex you'd be unknown. It's funny how Alex helps people out and they don't give him credit. Brandon Tatum is another one.

  • shut up you jackass 👿

  • hmm can you say disgruntled ex-employee David?

  • Is that an envelope full of cash sticking out from your back pocket? You sound like a bitter washed up old women.

  • David I like your work, but I'm not sure what you are doing here.

  • 2:14 - The Dark Knight Show

  • Your inside knowledge is extremely valuable in the ongoing debate about whether or not Alex is controlled opposition.

    I have no idea why you're so sure people were actually killed at Sandy Hook and Mandalay Bay.

    Just because they're willing to kill innocent Americans to push their agendas, doesn't mean they always do. I think they avoid it as much as possible because of the possibility of internal conflict with cabal members who still like to believe they're the 'good guys'.

  • Wow - what a shitbag this David Knight is. Jones has his share of issues but this dirtbag is now saying that basically Jones is not entitled to the first amendment because what he said, in Knight the dirtbag's view, are lies. The first Amendment protects you to say your piece. Starting to judge and eliminate people by what YOU deem as lies makes you a liberal. There is no exception in the Constitution for saying stupid things. You're entitled to say what you want. You can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater and cause people to die, but that's not the same as postulating about a shooting. Alex did NOT cause people to die (like the NY Times did with WMDs). "Oh, what a horrible horrible man Alex is... that's why I stayed with him for years". Reminds me of Trump disgruntled administration members like Scaramoochi and others. With all his Bullshit, turning on someone that gave you a platform and got you paid is exactly the same as RINO who turn on America when something doesn't go their way. Totally disappointed in David. Guess he showed his colors.

  • sounds like a very weak take, worrying about what evil people will say about you.

  • I stopped watching most of Alex stuff interviews with Steve Pieczenik on the show after a while as his claims were just so obviously misguided. Shame Alex changed over the years, i have been watching and listening to him for decades, i still do watch infowars. Some of his stuff is great, but, as with all sources of information discernment is needed to differentiate truth from lies.

  • I called into your show 1 time on Infowars...not like you always had clogged phonelines, but you hung up on me because you believed the war on drugs was a waste of time. Not exactly what I would call encouraging "free speech". I mentioned this again under a comment on a social media post you made, and it was deleted quickly. Wonder if this one will disappear.

  • I thought there was a report that Steve.P died in hospital from Covid......or was that a lie? 🤔

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