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Christians Disappear in USA & BigBang Theory Goes Bust
Sep 16, 2022

The David Knight Show

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Influential non-Christians say it is vital to combat "wokeness" which they liken to Wahhabism or Marxism. But polls show Christianity collapsing in USA. At the same time secular theories about BigBang and evolution are in crisis as observational science disproves them. So what happens next?

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  • I totally Support President Trump. A man sent by God.

  • True but what I have seen it has been the big Churches who have destroyed themselves with their Pedophilia and teachings against the scriptures especially the Catholic Church but I honor Jesus and quit going into these places with Gold and Silver shiny things and Statues of those they say are saints and Gargoyles and such Remember Jesus was Conspired against by the High Priest who were Hypocrites and only concerned over their own power and standing and used the Romans to Crucify him and at least the Romans Cleaned their hands of that you do not need a building to honor GOD and do not be deceived as they did Jesus they can kill this body but not my soul I fear God Above any man

  • Christians only seem to have disappeared because the MSM hates them so much. Christians have woken up and found themselves living in the middle of the Book of Revelation.

  • I don't know what it is with all the hating science within the truth movement and alternativie media. The Big Bang is a healthy and strong theory which will grow stronger and clearer with time. I'm open minded to other possibilities and can lecture on them and why they are unlikely. These theories have good math but shakey physics. Most of what the anti Big Bang crowd offers is nonsense, no maths, no phsyics litterally nothing that makes sense.

  • Christians are not disappearing in the USA. The church is not dying in America but Jesus is changing his church. Many of the old line protestant denominations are dying but the non-denominational movement is growing like a weed.

  • No, the real problem is following religious personalities. Jesus told us that,"No man can serve Two masters, for he will either hold to one or to the other." The apostle Paul said, " Little children, do not worship idols." In 1 Corinthians dhapter 3 the apostle Paul rebukes the followers who were in division, as some followed Paul, and some followed Appollos, but Paul urged them to follow Christ! Jesus said,"I am the way the truth and the life,he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the Light of life."

  • Good, you Christcucks are and have always been the problem. Why you subscribe to a Hebraic sect and religion anyway? Are you not Europeans?

  • I remember White Privilege , That's when I went for a JOB and was told they have to hire a black no matter if they were qualified or not. And I couldn't get food stamps or welfare or rent help. Oh yes I remember my white privilege.

  • You think Christians have declined ? Wait until the Mark of the Beast comes out and people have to decide between Jesus and the ability to have a bank account when no cash will exist , the Mark of the Beast chip is implanted .

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  • It's not going down David, Christianity is exploding in popularity.

  • The church grows when persecution comes. If Christians go underground like those around the world, so be it. But Christians are not "gone" and never will be.

  • Since the rise of Protestantism the word Christian has been used in so many different senses as to have become almost meaningless: it may indicate a Catholic or a Unitarian or may even be applied to an infidel who displays some virtue which is associated with Christ. The Church puts no definite official meaning on the word, as she does on Catholic.

  • Christianity isn't "disappearing" you sensationalist tool. In fact it's slating to make a comeback in the face of the collapsing regime.

    More are realizing every day the truth of God. They're getting Saved. The modern-day "comfort Christianity" is what's disappearing. The prosperity preachers, the do-nothing blackpills like you will be swallowed up by new generations of fiery men that will redeem this nation and return God to His rightful place among them.

    Shut your mouth with the doom and gloom, and make yourself useful, or be judged and cast out.

  • I think the main reason of decline of Christianity is that Western societies have swapped the faith in God into the faith in the State. The growth of the "total state" ("Leviathan as Hobbes would call it) is the growth of new form of secular religion. As St. Augustine wrote, the Earthly City is overcoming the City of God. It is clearly happening now in the Western societies.

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