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Disarming Criminals: "He Shot My Arm Off
Aug 03, 2022

The David Knight Show

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An 80 yr old store owner, and a woman in Chicago BOTH successfully defended themselves with a firearm against 4 or more men (many of them armed as well)…WATCH…

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  • How is it possible to allowpeople that use guns in robberies to get bail terms? It seems counterproductive for a nation to run itself in such a way, does the US government assume that all civilians are ableto easily defend themselves from such people?

    Here in Britain we go about life assuming that nobody is carrying a lethal weapon. Armed criminals either have the blessing of local police forces (as with several London based gangs running "entertainments" in the 1960's or the dangerous people are put in prison. and kept there.

  • It is terrible when you can't rob a store and be safe.

  • Gotta love that preemptive self-defense. And that 80 year old man had excellent aim...afterall, he could've aimed center mass and flat out killed that criminal, but he didn't. Instead, he blew his arm off with a well placed shot. Kudos going out to Mr. Cope .

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