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Steve Bannon & Other "Christian" Grifters
Sep 20, 2022

The David Knight Show

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We shouldn't be intimidated by the left to not speak of our Christian faith, but we need to have discernment about those who use it to gain power. Here's a smattering of false prophet pastors and their false MAGA idolatry.

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  • 0:53 It's not conspiracy theories, it's a psyop, and Trump is just an actor, making you all stupid, and people are being killed over nothing but lies. The child trafficking's part is just what you see overnight on FOX TV...

  • You said Trump said some things, but you never proved it. As you spoke about him, immediately I said to myself, "I never heard Trump say those things." It is up to you to prove it, not the people listening to you. Yes, it is political POWER that all politicians want - even those who are "Christians" and run for office. Every citizen of the United States has power - that is their one vote. Even the Christian that believes in dual citizenship - one in heaven and one on earth. However, having a description or better yet, a definition of "Christian nationalism" is very much wanting in an established very narrow scope of understanding.

  • ...weak bullshit

    ...precisely why Christianity has been getting us annihilated for centuries

  • Talk about grifting when all you can do is post doom and gloom for clicks. It'll be great to watch God torch your sorry hide.

  • I've got to agree with your programme today, against "Christian nationalism".

    I was not a Trump supporter before he became President, but he grew on me. Certainly, I don't support everything he did, but the swamp still needs draining. He brought peace, unlike all Presidents before him, although he talked tough. He failed to get Julian Assange released, who gave him so much assistance by revealing the truth about Hillary.

    I never saw Trump's TV show, because the arrogance in the advertisements was overwhelming, but after some time as President he seemed much more gracious than I expected.

  • So it’s name calling… yawn.

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