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Our Response to J.J. Couey - Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Mark Bailey, Dr. Andy Kaufman, Christine Massey & Alec Zeck
Jan 19, 2023


Uploaded January 19, 2023

"The purpose of this video is to address a few recent statements made by J.J. Couey. The clips we’ll play during this video come from one of J.J.’s recent Twitch streams as well as a recent podcast episode in which he appeared as a guest. According to his Linkedin, J.J. is a biologist, teacher and founder of Gigaohm Biological.

Given that J.J. is frequently promoted by leading voices in the health freedom movement, we felt that it was necessary to respond to his statements regarding the no-virus position, his mischaracterizations of prominent voices in the no-virus camp, and his questioning of the motives of those communicating the lack of true scientific validation for virology.

This is also an opportunity to provide more clarification for those who are undecided on the validity of virology. We look forward to hearing from J.J. and having further discussions on this issue." – Alec Zeck

Quotations from 'A Farewell to Virology' by Dr. Mark Bailey - compiled by Mike Stone and Eric Coppolino:

A Farewell To Virology (Expert Edition) - by Dr. Mark Bailey - September 15, 2022:

Terrain: The Film - Marcelina Cravat (2022):

The Viral Delusion - Episode 1 - The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2 (2022):

'The Viral Delusion' documentary series:

Mike Stone's list for further research:

Jonathan Jay Couey:

Alec Zeck / The Way Forward:

Christine Massey:

Dr. Samantha Bailey & Dr. Mark Bailey:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman:

Dr. Thomas Cowan:

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  • This is an important discussion which begs the question, if viruses don't really exist how is the world being infected with symptoms of a novel nature different than known illnesses which then points to an intentional release of a biological pathogen or chemical to mimic a new disease. Something that could be easily released via chemtrails, the water supply, or the food chain?

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