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Bodycam Shows Guy Shoot at Orlando Police
Jun 29, 2022


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Bodycam shows guy shoot at Orlando police before officer ‘returned fire’ outside Olive Garden Then later fatally shoots himself..

Interesting video with some 'Red Flags' to note in the process.. Watch how the shooter early on grabs his bag.. and how he is watching the police belt all the time.. The police officer does everything by the book and guides the person outside before asking about the bag.. ..probably he have seen in the database that this person had possession of a gun before..

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  • That "kid" was too calm and poised. He was at least 25 possibly closer to 30. Second, Watch his hands. He kept touching the OBC bag. Getting him out of the mall was excellent thinking. The officer should have gotten rid of his coffee instantly before initiating the encounter. Several times his hands were full while using the radio or his phone. Next was wtf was his back up?

  • I applaud the cop for getting the guy out of the Mall before he started the REAL interrogation and for running towards the gunshots when the guy started shooting again. Uvalde cops might want to pay attention to how good cops do things.

  • 1: The fuck he trying to do perving on little kids? 2: 14 miles is a ways to go for a different mall. Especially with the Mall at Millennia being a relatively upscale place to what he's used to. I guess he wore out his welcome in his usual haunts or just didn't want to shit where he ate. 3: He wasn't "White hispanic" There was nothing White about him! 4: Good that the officer escorted the columbian cockroach outside before it could start shooting. The officer pulled something up before he started escorting the vermin out because he wanted to limit innocent casualties.

  • We need to end this no law no order

  • Pedo-hunting with a gun and bottle hanging out. Lots of tats is a sign that you are dumb and out of control. He said it himself.... "School is hard" So keep displaying them tats fools. The Democrats are the real criminals right now. Firing our best cops for not wanting to be jabbed by the blood-clot Myocarditis death jab. Good observation by the officer and security team. It is likely that he is doing time right now. Learning what real hardship is all about.

  • This guy is a massive creep. Good catch by security.

  • What a piece of shit!

  • This kid kept answering questions until the officer had probable cause to search the bag. Don't consent to a search. Don't answer questions. Go home free and alive.

  • The Officer did well overall, although if he suspected anything he should have handcuffed the guy as they exited the mall...

  • WTF is a "white hispanic male"? IDC what the law is at the end of the day this officer put This kids life and and his own life in danger over a bottle of alcohol, weed, and some annoyed women who probably didnt even call the cops on him, it was likely a store manager that saw he was picking up girls and they see it as driving away customers. The whole time I was asking myself.... okay who was the victim? even the girls who were "minors" asking someones age is not a fucking crime, and these days you have to because they are pumped with vaccines and shovel mcdonalds into their faces so much that some of them look 22 when they are 14. Fuck this country.

  • "White male, White hispanic male" unfucking believable. Cops deserve all the hell they encounter in the streets.

  • Did they get the trash?

  • At 08:56 in the video, the officer reports over the radio that he took shots from a "white male". Right after that he says it was a "white hispanic male".

    Often times hispanics are classified as "white" by local sheriffs and police departments, which inflates the number of "white" offenders in the FBI criminal database. This reinforces negative stereotypes toward whites.

    Does anyone think when he applied to go to college that he classified himself as "white"? Would you say he's been offended recently by someone claiming he has white privilege? Anybody here willing to bet he has recent internet posts criticizing "whiteness", colonialism or institutional racism? Under no circumstance at any point in human history would this guy be classified as white.

    Yet the FBI will will record this as a shootout with police "white" man, and a victim of police brutality by a nonwhite man.

    You live in a country where your ancestors' posterity are targeted, stigmatized and dehumanized. If you're in a red state, write your governors immediately and get them to establish a uniform method for local jurisdictions to categorize offenders' race. Their failure to do so makes them directly responsible for the carrying out of institutional, anti-white racism.

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