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🚨 China Planning to Invade U.S. !?
May 21, 2022


✢ Depart from evil, and do good; and dwell for evermore.



One more reason to cherish your guns..

DEVELOPING - While the U.S. is depleting its military resources on Ukraine.. is the country purposely being 'weakened' to defend the homeland.. !?

With traitors in the White House and in Congress, many more in the States, countless in companies, Pentagon and Deepstate.. the United States' future looks to be more vulnerable than ever..

UPDATE - China has been storing 60 - 70% of the world's food storage .. !?! Their production is being transformed from Walmart stuff to War material !

Report by Mike Adams with Jeff Nyquist

#InformedPatriotism #ChinaGlobalThreat

Leaked audio that appears to have originated from a meeting of China’s top war generals reveals elaborate plans for a land invasion in the near future, waged by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and augmented with cyber warfare, orbital space weapons and the activation of CCP civilians currently embedded in corporations and governments around the world.

The 'invasion' will also be carried out with 900 disguised cargo ships.. and it seems that the whole 'Covid tyranny lockdown' in China right now is some kind of preparation for this World War.. to get a 'military style grip' on the country and its people.. All over China, 280 Million people have been locked down and are being selected -or- executed for 'loyalty reasons' to the CCP regime.

The authenticity and true meaning of this audio are not clear or confirmed yet, and is seems that Jeff Nyquist has added some of his own research & conclusions.. However, the Chinese (and Russians) are planning a take-over of the United States already for decades now, so any piece of information needs to be taken seriously, especially now with traitor Biden in the White House and many traitors more in Congress, States and Companies..

Leaked Transcript Translated: Zeng, J. [Top Secret Recording] War Mobilization Meeting of the Southern War Zone of the PLA: Guangdong Province in The State of War.

  • Video Report by Mike Adams with Jeff Nyquist

Original on Banned: Adams, M. (2022, May 21). Leaked Audio Exposes China's War Plans.

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  • Here you are, announcing the end of the world as we know it... yet, it's still necessary to interrupt the presentation with ads for Ultra 12.

  • If this is bullshit, then SHAME ON YOU. If it's based in actual fact, then just about nothing matters anymore.

  • I think you under estimate the technology the USA has Trump said it himself space force. Their sent going to advertise it

  • North Korea will hitch a ride from China. 13 million members of the KPA. 250,000 personnel in the NK special forces. Norquist also left out Pakistan and several other countries.

  • Woo-Hoo, they have to try to come through Phoenix!

  • biden is complicit in this china debacle.and must be removed.

  • Look at all the stuff we left in afganistan

  • OMG how did we get here

  • We are entering into the deep place of human history. You have wished for the Divine Intervention. Now It begins. I will keep World War III from happening. I came at the beginning of World War II to keep you from getting involved in World War III. You prayed for this.

  • Boomers do not understand the level at which the whole system is as best a way to put it, not even ours. We have been living amongst a so called christian nation, of which the Washington Monument, is a Satanic Cock. The Money, the eye on the Pyramid, is Satan. The Pentagon, is a Pentagram. 95 percent of all law enforcement swore an oath to Satan, by joining Freemasonry. The sole purpose of freemasonry is to destroy Christianity. You are if a honest person, act as the legit storefront to a greasy backroom system. Generation after generation wanted to go back to sleep and let bygones be bygones, meanwhile those forgiven wolves plotted to feast. In a way, being naive and stupid to the devil is a bargain with him. You leave a fawn alone with a wolf, surely it will be eaten and you cannot ignore it. You are not alone, and we all fell prey to it. They schemed and bartered your soul even before you entered this realm. Your children's future is being sold off. The system is designed to hypnotize you and keep you a serf. The WEF is just the system coming to the surface. To build any system attracts a narcissist to control it. The lie is that the Revolutionary War was won and the Confederacy was defeated. The Tories, who became the Confederates, were an entire class of people that their only skill was thieving and controlling another mans labor. This built up an entire Southern Aristocracy very quickly, and to have that level of wealth and control builds up narcissism like no other. Narcissism is an addiction, and you cant quit a narcissist. For the North to separate the south from its source of wealth, build a narcissists fire, to which they hoped and schemed and prayed to anything to gain their wealth and status back. Que Virginian and southern apologist Woodrow Wilson, who showed Birth Of A Nation at the White House, rekindling fondness for the KKK, and sent thousands of soldiers to their death in World War One. Northern Narcissists shook hands with Southern, and agreed that this nation need be under their boot. There is a common thread throughout history of these people. Start wars, impoverish Americans, indebted Americans into servitude, corrupt the youth, conspire with enemies (USSR, CCP, Nazis, England), poison food and medicine, and clamor to be the 'experts' of every institution and the center of all praise. They cause the problem, they propose they are and have the half-assed solutions to grow like a fungus. It is a plea of suicide. They want what is toxic to them and everything around them. They want the Dragon to come kill us all, they can handle it no more. It is in only Christ that one can look to to redeem oneself away from such guilt and debauchery. The "wins" at home are so that you sit on your hands, and do not prepare for the flood. They want this to happen, and there is no opposing plan, besides 'eLeCTIon!' of which is the system they own, going to fix it for us? No. They need China to invade, otherwise they have ran out of people they have screwed and stuck on the same continent with 300 million gun owners. That way they can weasel themselves out of the country will still having their stupefied subjects stump for them. Wake up, people.

  • China military would get slaughtered in a matter of days. You think any one with fire arms would stand idly by and not kill those commie bastards? It would also be a prime time to shoot and eliminate American commie bastards too. Now I'm hoping it's for real and this is no bullshit that the CCP thinks it will invade the U.S.

  • Watching Alex Jones... You two clowns should at least get a real platform...Why would Israel nuke Iran when they are actively killing their citizens with the clot shot? In nov 22 what will you say?

  • If that happens, every square inch of China needs to get irradiated.

  • Oh please Joe is a public servant right? If a servant doesn’t do his job you fire him if you are his employer. I’m pretty sure you and Joe get your checks from the same place. When did servants become the leaders? Why do those people have no say over anything? Now shut the fuck up or tell me the truth.

  • No plan survive contact with the enemy. Expect the unexpected

  • The real question here is that if china invades the US how will the democrats blame white racism on it.

  • Planning? China has already taken over America. Biden is their sock-puppet!

  • Mike asked the question: What is significant about November in their estimation of invasion?


    a) how long does it take those chinese ships to cross the Pacific? b) how long does it take for a hurricane to form? (even on the west coast) .... Japanese - Chinese conflicts in history anyone !?! Divine Wind!?! .... anyone? c) Weather wars? d) end of US major growing season? Flood or droughts!?! e) end of Hurricane season in USA.... Disaster relief/recovery got us tied down? f) Wild fires in the west? Early winter in the midwest and east?

    Think like a strategist... not a politician... Timing seems pretty straight forward to me.

    Mike may not say it on air, but he'll get IT.

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