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Demolition of Guidestones After Explosion
Jul 07, 2022


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See the demolition of the Georgia Guidestones after an explosion on 3:33 on July 6, 2022 in Elberton, Georgia, USA

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  • A sad day for Elberton's granite producers; the monuments themselves were jumbo testaments to their skill and hard work in building monuments. It is a harsh footnote following years of foreign competition from India and China that has devastated the industry. CHINA, more than most, targeted this American industry for destruction and our elected officials SUPPORTED China's assault on the jobs and livelihoods of Americans through their support of so-called "free trade" agreements and massive subsidies for transportation that meant exported granite from India was cheaper than native-produced stone. Keep in mind, the words on these monuments were those of a small group. Conservatives have fought for pluralism and free speech and an acceptance of other points of view; it is a mistake to believe this monument's destruction is somehow "good" or different than all the rest. It is not. It is an attack on the first Amendment and must be rebuffed. Here is a link to the Elberton Granite Association that gives more info about the Guidestones: click on Kubas interview --

  • Should have happened decades ago

  • Is this true ? They demolished the remaining stones ? Find it hard to believe but hopeful.

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