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Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners
Dec 15, 2020

Disco ✝️

Creative Director @gab



This short instructs children on how to best behave in a lunchroom situation.

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  • I wonder if Democrats have ever been exposed to good behavior.

  • i used to be a huge fan of this one channel on VaughnTV and he played stuff like this---chatting was a blast--but then as i got to know the caster he would send me a picture of himself....and then he sent me a picture of 'her'self. it takes all kinds.....i guess.
    anyhoo--thanx for uploading this. i miss this stuff!

  • Commenting on a Disco GabTV video because I can.

  • Phil did not smear peanut butter on his bread and stick it to the bottom of the table like Mr. Bungles, Phil was a very courteous young fella.

    1. Phil used WAY too much soap in the bathroom.
    2. Phil should have used his paper towel to open the door handle, THEN tossed the paper towel into the wastebasket. Phil should not assume that others wash their hands.
  • Phil knew a Mr. Bungle wouldn't have many friends. He wouldn't want to be like Mr. Bungle.

  • It's a shame that I can't hear the transatlantic accent in the 21st century. It only exists in vintage videos.

  • Pretty typical 1960s instructional movie; I remember dozens like it when I was in elementary school~

  • Commendable behaviour but a bit of a stretch to call it fun! The kids seemed to be having much more fun laughing at Mr. Bungle being an idiot!

  • Okay everybody, be nice. I REMEMBER that video from the First Time it was shown, as in I was the classroom....#godimold ;)

  • Reminds me of Goofus and Gallant.

  • Pretty good 👍

  • yayyy! Now do Reefer Madness =O

  • I could swear I had to watch this as a kid. I think a lot of folks now could use a refresher.

  • Wierd, I watched the whole thing. lol

    Mr. Bungle needs to make a reappearance.

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