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Dr. E Michael Jones: The West Will Return To Logos?
Apr 29, 2022

E. Michael Jones

This is the Official account of Dr. E. Michael Jones:Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific Catholic...



Dr. Jones sits down with Gemma O'Doherty to discuss the holocaust narrative dictates global politics. But.. is the tide turning? Twitter, CNN+, Disney, Facebook, Netflix have all taken huge financial hits - It seems various phycological operations around the world are going to far and failing, is the west finally returning to logos?

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  • 30:40 Yeah, I like him, too. You do know he's surrounded by Noahides, though, I would hope?

  • i din't finish your podcast ! but you are spitting FACTS !!!!! & the only one taking our defense please don"t let The White men being crushed down for spitting the TRUTH When every one says Globalists... and why "NAZI" are evil because we point at the source Of the problems !

  • I like Dr. Jones but why does he internalize the commands of his oppressors by praying to their deity?

    I think he should reconnect with Pre-Nicene Christianity and the original, unedited Christian bible. I'll even give him a link to get a free copy:

    As to the description of the show above - Satan's parasites don't care about money. Or rather they do, but only insofar as it can be used as a tool to corrupt Christians. Shun them in every aspect of life.

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