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The End of Roe V. Wade and the Empire
Jun 27, 2022

E. Michael Jones

This is the Official account of Dr. E. Michael Jones:Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific Catholic...



Peter Helland talks with Dr. E. Michael Jones on Citizens for Community Media South Bend Indiana. Peter and Dr. Jones sit down to reflect the American hegemony since its creation after World War II, all the way up to now, and what roll Roe vs. Wade played in that 80-year history. Dr. Jones explains why he believes with the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, the American empire is ending.

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  • Like all men I have something against you but you are definitely aware of the Synagogue of Satan. Everyone needs to hear this.

  • Emj's always worth a graduate degree. Helland's a nice guy, but he's always a step behind and swings and misses at the point.

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  • Celebrate this great victory!

  • Fascinating.

  • Soldiers returning from ww2 were transformed into psychological jews that would eventually help them have more political power in the long term. Their identities were held hostage.

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