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1900 Or the Last President (Ingersoll Lockwood)- IPOT Presents - 12.23.19
Jan 23, 2021


From the near future.



A Narration of the Ingersoll Lockwood Novel

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  • It stopped before the end! I am left hanging. Lol

  • I was waiting for some kinda commentary until i realised it needs none. Its a novel, it is what it is. There are uncanny parallels and resemblances to today's political landscape which can be drawn. Its very interesting, and pretty crazy that the concerns over wall street activities are still as valid now as then.

  • Two cups of coffee, three pauses to walk and think. One conclusion. Over the last four years I have tried and largely succeeded in watching all the content you have uploaded. Much of what you share has influenced and persuaded me to look farther and deeper at this world. It has been a blessing upon me as a person to hear and feel the message you put out there. Thank You for all of it SPM

  • You read it so much better than I do. And the choices of voices for it to be read to me, are nothing like yours! You would be a great narrator, you have a great voice!! I’m glad I finally found you again!

  • what is your take on the ending?

  • Even better the second time! Time flew by. It was grand. Like pristine woods with a bubbling brook. Wonderful to hear it again. Pulchram Vocem.

  • Broken heart...............

  • You sure have the chops to read.......thank you for this. Very time consuming and silky smooth...Thank you

  • Thanks for this ... but can you do another video explaining it? Not sure what to do with this or compre it to

  • Good stuff

  • God bless your pursuity ass SPM, I’ve listened to this’s the tits bruhs

  • I had just received my copy, and was in the process of reading it, when what to my surprise, my favorite digital warrior was reading it to me!! Thank you, Sir Patrick! I’m still going to read it, with my own perspective along with his other stories, there’s something in there!!

  • So glad you republished this. I believe this work by Ingersoll was inspired by the Act of 1871.

  • Human nature, as unchanging as a diamond.

  • Is this stopping every third word or just for me ?

  • I LOVED THIS ❤️ LOVE 💕 💗

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