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Connecting a Crisis (Re-Upload)
Jul 07, 2021


From the near future.



A documentary which takes you through the process of human trafficking from Haiti to Florida, involving the shipping and adoption industries, including the REAL story of Pizzzagate rarely told.

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  • Way back. Before Q, before I found you I would listen to Dan Bongino. He used to dig and connect situations to names. He always said "it's important, remember the names." So true. You string them like beads on a necklace. One after another w all the connecting pieces. I've watched this more than once. All your videos I've watched over. I loved waking up to you. You def kept things interesting! Thank You!

  • Isn't it curious how much the international elite swirl around Haiti, the island consecrated to the Devil?

  • I don't know who to "believe" between Holmseth and Sawyer. What I do believe is there is human trafficking. Seems Sawyer got scared senseless, most likely threats of lawsuits, etc. Both men have been attacked and seem to attack each other. We need some common sense used. The site found most likely were cleaned up by the officials, the company and most likely the Officers on the site. Corruption on every level. I will not donate to any "causes" anymore. Seems they are all connected and corrupt. This video has me so upset, but through all the so called "theories", seems that we need to realize...this movement is about the children. ALL CHILDREN.

  • I need better access to recently released video's man.

  • SPM I have been off the quest for truth for a little while now I had to take a step back for personal reasons including getting myself so stressed out that I got shingles but this is one of your best videos you have ever done thank you so much for posting this again incredible work

  • Sawman Sawyer has been sending threatening to kill emails to reporter Timothy Holmseth. What does Holmseth have on Sawyer as a result of his investigation? Why death threats to Tim and his family???

  • I had forgotten about this.. still rings true. The Clintons are vile.

  • Craig Sawyer is a fraud!

  • These people have no souls.

  • If nothing else seeing that many pot bellies all in one place in a country of starving people is disgusting.

  • Thank you for all the work you do..your videos are amazing to help us understand connections.

  • Seriously feels like we are living in the twilight zone! Thank you for everything you are doing to shine light in pure evil!

  • This is a must watch.

  • Oh I have been looking for you!!! So glad your still working on this! Been listening to you for 4 years now!!! I'll be Benge watching tonight!!

  • Proof patents go bk to 2002 ... cov man made, Vax a bio weapon/ Fauci

  • I watched these kinds of stories years ago and I tried to tell the world. When Pizzagate was exposed it was only to us. It seemed like business as usual and no one cared that the world's underbelly was imploding. Now, the exposure is everyday news. These are the stories that MSM has no kahunas nor integrity to humanity to expose. I don't even give my brain 30 seconds on MSMs. Thank you! You are a true Patriot.

  • Well we have 4 countries that refuse the Vaccines.. I wonder if that was the issue.

  • Clinton’s are the sickest animals in the planet!

  • Thanks Sir Patrick as always great work

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