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The Weathermen I - IPOT Presents - 6.21.19
Dec 25, 2020


From the near future.



A 3-part Documentary series on the Weather Underground, their roots and relation to current events.

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  • Read David Horowitz's "Radical Son."

  • Almost unbelievable yet not surprised.

  • These nuts need to be sent to true communist countries. They would come back to the USA and kiss the ground.

  • Was trying to share this info with family members. How relevant today and connecting dots. Re-education centers! CRT. Had to rewatch 3 times and take notes. So much info.

  • so amazing that Gab has created this! I have missed your videos

  • Awesome Doc! The Chesa Boudin's parents were murderers, he was raised by the leaders of the weather underground and is now the DA of failed city of San Francisco!!!! Holy shit man that just blew my mind. These Communist/Zionists have been installing their people for generations. The swamp is truly deeper than I imagined and I'm not new to this game either. Ive been researching for years and I'm still amazed. I can't even understand how you could wake a normie up to all of this stuff. It might make them crack and need to be institutionalized.

  • HOLY CRAP! all of this is brand new information to my brain

  • WELL DONE...

  • It is quite simple people stop or kill anyone effecting vital choice or intending harm. Helping to Kill people like this directly.. continues. I like it more slowly so the concoctions will continue. Evil people dropping permanently is beautiful. Assassinate tyrants and eugenicists types, weathermen types, and those of the plandemic system regardless including the mandatory vaxxer types- all for joy and safety.

  • "Bernardine Dohrn was born Bernardine Ohrnstein in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1942, and grew up in Whitefish Bay, an upper-middle-class suburb of Milwaukee.[1] Her father, Bernard, changed the family surname to Dohrn when Bernardine was in high school.[2] Her father was Jewish and her mother, Dorothy (née Soderberg), was of Swedish background and a Christian Scientist ." (therefore a mason).

    Kathy Boudin: "Kathy Boudin was born on May 19, 1943, into a family with a long left-wing history. She was raised in Greenwich Village, New York City. Her family was Jewish and her paternal grandparents had emigrated from Russia and Austria.[2] Her great-uncle was Louis B. Boudin, a Marxist theorist."

    David "Gilbert" - "Gilbert grew up in a Jewish family in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston."

    Tod "Gold" - "Gold was a red diaper baby. He was the son of Hyman Gold,[1] a prominent Jewish physician."

    Naomi Jaffe - "Jaffe was born in upstate New York on a small family farm run by her Jewish parents."

    Eleanor E. Raskin (née Stein; born March 16, 1946) - " Her parents, Annie Stein and Arthur Stein (activist), were Jewish and belonged to the Communist Party"

    Terry "Robbins" was raised in Queens County, New York by his mother Olga (Suspect).

    "Rudd was born in Irvington, New Jersey. His father, Jacob S. Rudd (1909–1995), was born Jacob Shmuel Rudnitsky in Stanislower (Yiddish for Stanisławów)...His family was Jewish."

    "Susan Stern was born Susan Ellen Tanenbaum, on January 31, 1943...Stern's father, a wealthy Jewish businessman"

    "Eric Mann was born December 4, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York, into a Jewish home... Both sides of his family were Jews who fled the Russian Empire during the anti-Semitic pogroms of the early 1900s; His grandmother, Sarah Mandell"

  • I hope that after President Trump starts his 2nd term, his new DOJ will remember that the charge of Treason has NO expiration clause. If you ask me both Dohrn and Ayers need to be taken into custody and tried for Treason...down in GITMO so they get a fair trial. Justice Must be served.

  • Getting no sound why?

  • Great to see this again shared by LLin Wood..

  • Could this be the first 100k views video on gabtv

  • Really fleshed out the first issue of the weatherman series. Awesome. Thank you. Can you connect the Christmas bomb in TN to this group? Or was it someone else?

  • Uploaded today? Not visible in my 'subscriptions'.

  • Can you see the giant planet in your thumbnail?

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