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The Weathermen III (ALL4FLOYD) - IPOT Presents - 6.21.20
Dec 25, 2020


From the near future.



A 3-part Documentary series on the Weather Underground, their roots and relation to current events.

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  • 1970 ish I remember them around Abby Hoffman's time.

  • One would think the cold winters in Minneapolis would force those animals to migrate south.

  • Loved the whole series!!! So much info!!

  • Wow.. deep! Thank you for the work put into this series.. truly amazing work!

  • 2 am and I just finished watching all 3. Mad respect for all the research you've done to put this epic piece together!!

  • Your research is so deep, you have a real gift. Thanks for sharing it!

  • you da man SPM

  • As always, filled with juicy, cheesey, bacony, great info. Your awesomeness, SPM, never disappoints.

  • meh.. 1 less criminal.. 1 dead criminal to expose 1000's
    the deep states plan to spark chaos..

  • Still watching. 1:14 in. Thanks.

  • Can I say Jew control? Delete if you don't want this on your site.

  • 30 minutes in. Thanks for the deep dive. You rock.

  • The weathermen series should be on the next gabtv email!

  • when the libtards lie... the libtards die... all we have to do

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