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Is A Red Wave Really Coming in 2022? With Veteran Activist Glen Morgan
Apr 14, 2022

Irida TV

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Glen Morgan with joins us to report what he's seeing on the ground level in terms of where the political landscape in the US is trending in 2022, including indicators that most people are ignoring at the moment.


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  • At minute 4:45, if the police department collapsed you would not have a problem. Most people wouldn't at least. The police are the ones keeping everyone locked down while the criminal government gets away with election fraud and illegal medical experimentation. Police and Sheriffs in my area haven't even arrested the health officials in my county or city yet. Those health officials were putting kids in masks they knew couldn't stop a virus, and then they were putting the kids in a school where they thought there was a virus. 1 count of child endangerment per child per day. Notice how no city or county has prosecuted election fraud either? You think 80 million gun owning Americans would still have a fake executive branch, fake congressional branch, and fake judicial branch if the police weren't around? Hell no, all those people would be dead already.

    Also, if police departments all collapsed, the human police officers wouldn't suddenly forget their training or lose their Thin Blue Line friends. The police could be operating as civilians with no accountability because there are no other police to enforce the laws. So these now-civilian police officers could pretty much end all crime or any other activity they don't want near their families or communities without having to worry about crap.

    Its ok, Maybe God can use all the illegal immigrants coming in to clear out the criminals who hijacked the government. Illegal immigrants all have some "sanctuary" loophole that allows them to kill with impunity. They were going to try and radicalize illegal immigrants against citizens as they collapse the economy and starve people out. But maybe they kill the root of the problem instead, and then all the working class people and migrants can go build, play, and dance together as we move on from these criminal regimes attacking us.

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