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Martial Arts (Arnis/Kali): Wrist Flick(s) Exercises
Aug 07, 2022


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Another Follow Along video. The wrist is arguably one of the secret aspects in the Arnis/Kali/FMA circles. Mainly because it's deceptive, as well as energy efficient, especially when it comes to doing stick/bladed motions, giving the assailant/s or opponent/s the false sense of security that the attacking motions/flurries are done, when in reality, the practitioner is actually in a ready position to make another strike, making it possible either to do follow up attacks/defense, or to do a solid keep away strategy. The problem with the wrist is, it's the wrist joint. It's small and fragile if not trained and/or exercised correctly, which is why it's really important to train the wrists prior to doing the snapping/flicking motions of any kind, especially if you're doing the flicks while holding something of length that has a decent amount of weight and while not letting it go. "Witik" is basically a word for flick in a Filipino dialect, meaning To Flick. Other family lineages will teach it as Redondo/Rodondo, Harada, and so on, but the motion and the approach is still the same, if not similar. Prerequisite to doing these exercises is the joint warm up video, right here: Regardless of the tool you're holding, the motion stays the same, except if you're holding something that needs two hands. I recommend practicing this any chance you get. The more warmed up your wrists are and the stronger your forearms are, the better your grip of the stick = the faster and more crisp your wrist flick motions would be. Eventually, it'll be second nature.

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