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12 steps to Eliminate microsoft spyware
May 23, 2021


just a normal guy on his phone looking for truth. I post what i like or what i think others...



Eliminate Spyware from Microsoft and others - MSI Unboxing Part 2

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  • This video keeps freezing. Just a head's up. Around 6 minutes it is a problem.

  • GTFO Windows. That too hard for you?

  • Nice to see you here!

  • Thanks for the good tips! But for those who haven't a clue where to go to make all these setup tips you've given be great if there was more step-by-step directions given. Or direct us to a website that has more setup info! Also, for those who have had Windows 10 for as long as it's been out be good for a step-by-step how to makes changes to what is already there.

  • I'm going to assume these are not your videos, which is no big deal, but you should really provide links in the description to the original creator. It only takes two seconds:

  • "Browser isolation strategy". Yes, very smart.

  • Put a link to your gab account so we can follow you there too!

  • Location info is so stupid. No thanks, I'll just select my city from the list. Cheers Google!

  • Microsoft is for Xbox and games, not for productivity :P

  • Just stop using it!

  • Pretty much the same week I installed Win10 the first time many years ago, I did all the tips on disabling Cortana that was allowed. Today, removal even though I disabled it. Microsoft can always re-enable it with an update otherwise.

  • running windows LTSC. thats the solution

  • Gab blocked my pro-Israel message which I got from my priest.

  • Great information! Thank you!

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