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1972 kung fu intro
May 21, 2021


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It was a tv show

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  • I remember thinking this show was just too weird. Im a fan of Bruce Lee / Chuck Norris, really, but this show just seemed goofy.

  • I have fond memories of watching this as a kid. Feeling old haha

  • It's like the eye of the tiger, only oriental and harder.

  • The main actor was found dead resulting from asphyxiation due to a sex fetish he had with asphyxiation and climax.....

  • it was a ok good show too bad he turned out to be a real real bad sexual pervert he spent time in Thailand where sexual perversion and pedophiles are allowed. HOW DID HE DIE?? my guess is what he desired killed him

  • TFW the old man finally slows down enough to give you a fighting chance... πŸ˜‚

  • Really miss that show. Wish my own children could see it.

  • It was a great show, but at this time who could imagine him in Kill Bill? That was also a great movie but quite different.

  • One must look into the heart in order to know David .. love it

  • There are some of us left for whom that intro still gives chills.

    Kung Fu set me on a new way of life.

  • It was the best TV show.

  • thank you Grasshopper.

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