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Skynet Went Live - June 8! - Attn: Alexa Echo and Ring Owners
Jun 23, 2021


just a normal guy on his phone looking for truth. I post what i like or what i think others...

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  • This is more like that total-control-of-cellphones device Batman had and used against China in that movie: It's also an "echo" of both how and why Sauron gave out all those other rings "for free" LOL! Hey - maybe that's why it's part of that "Palantir" company, too!

  • perfect, a spy in every home, and you paid for it. Soon they will hide this tech in discounted clothing, when you make the purchase it will be with your consent

  • How/Where can I get a De-Googled phone? I want!!

  • This does not appear to be an official account of Rob's. Also, whoever is posting his videos failed to link to his Odysee account in the description despite the fact the video makes mention of it.

    Watch and like the official video here:

  • Thanks, I turned off the sidewalk feature.

  • Thank you truth brother.

  • Great to see you on Gab! Love your content.

  • Like the app so far. Rooted devices are nice to offer, Im considering ordering a couple in next few weeks so I don't have to do it myself. Curious what you think of GrapheneOS.

  • Let's put microphones in our homes, yay!!

    Braxme has a side load download...yayhooeee!!!!.

    Gonna try it out. Excellent work, you are courageous.

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