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The Eerily Similar Arrest Of George Floyd In 2019
Oct 23, 2022


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  • I've wondered if habitual criminals like Floyd might develop PTSD connected to police. The site of the cars, the uniforms the way policemen talk , the whole bit might terrify them into losing it like Floyd did, crying, being unable to follow simple commands and so on. Not sure how one would bring this to the attention of people in authority but it would probably be used as another means to coddle criminals and create sympathy for them.

  • This is the lefts hero?

  • i can only hear one side of any conversation. this body cam equipment is not effective.

  • Curious as to what entailed before this body cam. Whatever happened to warrants required for search and seizure of private property, George Floyd or not, what gives cops right to rifle through pockets and car on a fishing expedition looking for a cause to charge him with and to take his shit without a warrant? The cops are annoyed by his upset and crying while they destroy whatever's left of his pitiful life,lying that they aren't going to jail to get him to comply. The cops aren't supposed to stop,i.e. arrest anyone unless in the commission of an actual crime that arresting cop witnessed or on the sworn word of a citizen who will face him in court as accuser, not a suspected crime or a traffic violation which are misdemeanors or infractions, but they get away with it daily out of public ignorance of actual law.

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