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Tuning Forks, Frequencies, Medusa and more with Joyce Inderkum | Maryam Henein
Oct 12, 2022


Joyce comes from the Sports Medicine world, offering triage bodywork at the finish line, backstage, training room, etc, and Additionally offering pre event therapies and post injury/surgical rehabilitatives, she has always drawn in a wide array of modalities and techniques to treat each client from more than just their muscle and bone.Since The Plague, Joyce has reformed her decade of pro sports experience for the public, including sound/vibrational therapies, biomagnetics, osteopathic bodyworks, polarity energetics, myofascial integrations, neurological repatternings, etc. Her Service-to-Source Energetic assignments include clearing plasmatic amnesia blocks on sacred lands and waters, distorted spaces, animal/pet biofields and such.

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