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Dear Haters: I love you.
Jun 20, 2022


Christ-Follower. World unfollower. GAB πŸ‘‰ @Libertyordeath777 Zelle πŸ‘‰...



A message of love in the midst of hatred. πŸ§‚πŸ’‘ Matt 5:13-16

Resolutions by Scott Buckley | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

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  • Your message is beautiful and so are you!

  • Try washing all of that makeup off of your face, you whore. You are no Christian.

    Does it make you feel superior to paint yourself, like Jezebel, before stooping down to people to tell them that they are defective, but that you love them, anyway? And, then, on top of that mind-fuck is the other one where you tell the "haters" that it is alright to be "angry", as long as you approve of their reasons.

    "Oh! Thank you!" "If only we could all be like you!"

  • This expression of love could only come from the heart of a woman! Pay more attention to what someone does than to what they say! People often say things they really don't mean in a fit of rage or when things go wrong. Just as often they are putting on a show or displaying the pack mentality & actually don't hate nearly as much as they appear too! Before you hate someone, take the time to know them. You might be surprised! Real hate does exist, of course. Some people simply can't be helped! I am guilty of saying terrible hateful things, but inside of me I knew this was wrong! I knew I really don't hate anybody except maybe a few very evil individuals that have earned it!

  • That is because you are a mental basket case.

  • Hitler loved more than any politician alive.........He loved his race and his nation. He also loved other races to have their own nations and to get the banks off of nations backs. What you call hate is actually love for something greater more transcendent than merely "in-fatuous love"..... the love you have is immature and allows for the troubles we are experiencing today. First you must HATE what is wrong and bad then you can LOVE. This is the nature of Jesus.... He hated evil and wrong and loved what was good and whole.

  • Want to freak out a psycho libtard? Communicate these four words. The first two are ones that liberal elites like to "throw" at others in shame. Use their words back at them, but note that the last two words, will cause them to recoil - "Stop Hate! Love Jesus!"

  • I just want to spank her!

  • I hate internet eyebrows and lip liner

  • Loving your haters works only in the Bible. Sadly, we don't live in an ideal world.

  • What a heart-feigned messsage from a condescending Jewess drenched in makeup.

  • Dear LizKatherine, this is a tremendous profession of Love, and what God's Love is and how we can experience it. Your theology is very "originalist/apostolic/orthodox" - I love it!
    "God Loves you and you can't do anything about it" comes to me as a strong part of your message. It is a message upon which I, as a Christ-following Catholic, will meditate and pray over, as I desire to truly Love. I have MUCH improvement to make in that arena. The one part I will ponder further and ask you to for the same is really at the end when you defer to "If you want to keep cursing God...... hating...... etc." You say "Fine." The that God still Loves the person to whom you are reaching out to. And then you say "I don't care" about others hating you, being cruel on SM, etc. I get what you're trying to do with those statements, but they cannot be True for a Christian - it is never "fine" for someone to continue to destroy themselves or to try to destroy others. And, really, your whole message of "God Loves you" and "You are always Love by Him" is The Response that you are teaching all of us to have in all situations. I needed to her this and process a bit with you, even if you don't reply, I know I am conferring with a Sister in Christ who has helped me today. May you know that God is Blessing you and Keeping you and always making His Face Shine upon you.

  • passive-aggressive cope. Love is an imperative, not a feeling. Willing the good of the other does not require you to be "nice", or to pander to your audience.

  • Very Kind of you to say .. 07 Patriot

  • i know i am loved my family tell me every day..

  • WOW , this really helped thank you

  • If you follow Christ you cannot hate. For hate is of the Devil.

  • God bless you young lady and may Christ always be with you and you with Him. These haters that are hating on you here are not really hating you but their really hating Him who loves you and them so much that He died on the cross and then rose again to defeat death, death everlasting to life everlasting. I love you sister and those that hate and love you also!

  • Only the Prince of Peace can bring peace to our divided land.

  • You are quite amazing, Lizzy. God bless you and give you grace and peace over and above all the evil that the enemy tries to bring against you. They hate Him, so they hate you.

  • Can you please turn your head 90 degrees, wanna see your profile. No reason.

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