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SINGLE & SEARCHING: Doing Relationships God's Way
Jul 07, 2021


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Welcome back y'all! This is part 7, the FINAL video concluding this series! In this video we're looking at how to partner with someone to serve God in a relationship context. I hope it blesses you!

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  • Boundaries, wheeew Lassie. That's an underrated breakdown I'm sure. -meaning that's a very solid explanation.

  • Snakester. Skeered of women nowdays. Everyone has more baggage than Amtrack !

  • Sorry... The thing that ruined me was dating a Christian who said if Jesus returned and he wanted to "be with" her, she would leave me regardless of how much she loved me. She said, ?Jesus first!." Never dated a "Christian" again.

  • did you ever consider by dating we are going against gods will. cultures with arranged marrages have virtually no diivorce. one big thing is both families support the marriage and no meddling. families of the same backgrouns and religions stay together. we got away from this long held tradition that works with westward expanion. marriage should be looked at like a lifelong business deal, this lovey dovey romantic stuff goes away in a short time

  • It takes a fake Christian to produce content, like this.


  • Thank you Liz Katherine. I came to Christ before being married; was married 21 wonderful God-centered years; and after 7 years widowed I am relearning. A personal relationship with God was most essential when my closest confidant was whisked home. An abrupt loss amidst resolute trust in God's love, can be enormously strengthening and character defining. No matter how wonderful our earthly relationships prosper, they can never supplant the joy, certainty, and fulfillment of that intimate relationship with Him. From what I've learned of your position, I'm certain you well understand how we must continuously nurture our Christ walk throughout life. Your presentation, honesty, and examples are well-communicated and supported in scripture. Kudos and Amen and Shalom!

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