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SINGLE & SEARCHING: How To Walk Away Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically
May 24, 2021


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Welcome to part 2 of Single & Searching - how to walk away from toxic people & relationships EMOTIONALLY, SPIRITUALLY, and PHYSICALLY. Because YOU are worth so.much.more. Be blessed!

Vids Mentioned: FORGIVENESS: What it is. What it's not. How to do it.

If you missed part 1, Toxic Behavioral Patterns: YT: GABTV:

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  • Women are eternally searching for a better deal.

  • Do you have any videos on how to find someone not walking away??? tough at 37.....

    Also::::: Will you marry me?

  • I became religious and my girlfriend left me. But, thats how it goes sometimes.

  • Having experienced several, failed relationships I've come to the conclusion that I wasn't meant to be in one. As a 60 year old male, I have become "MGTOW" (men going their own way). I don't hate or dislike women. I'm just more confortable doing things my way. I can cook what I want; turn the temperature to my comfort zone; come and go as I please; and rest easy knowing that I don't have to please someone else. I can be me and there's nobody around to judge me by my weaknesses. Yes ... I am a Christian and the Bible seems to urge humans to "be fruitful and multiply" but Paul did say something about remaining single. Thanks for your video. IF by some chance I meet my "soul mate" my opinion may change but as it stands ... I'm fine.

  • I like that potential is not eligibility. Instagram modeling shots? People do that? I would only do it for laughs. Isn't it up to a person to communicate those boundaries? On the rebound side, I think you also depending on the length of the relationship have to mourn the loss of it. Hard to allow something to die without it affecting us right? And God Bless you to.

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