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SINGLE & SEARCHING: Toxic Behavioral Patterns
May 17, 2021


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In Part 1 (Toxic Behavioral Patterns) of my video series SINGLE & SEARCHING: Doing Relationships God's Way, we'll be identifying unhealthy behavioral patterns, red flags, and traits of players, and what to look for instead. Because healthy relationships require two whole, healthy people. And learning to identify these toxic patterns will keep us from the wrong relationships, and lead us into the right ones. Be blessed!

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  • Happily Divorced. Single and not searching. Learning Game Dev Improving my 3D modeling / CAD and 3D printing abilities. NGAF about the pandering pining need for "love" or whatever the hell these children wearing adult meatsuits are locked into. I've met 50 year old men and women who are so wrapped up in a relationship it nearly kills them when it ends, and they can't break free of their cashier job or find any upward movement in life.

    Screw that. I'm going to be productive.

  • "In a free society the state does not administer the affairs of men. It administers

    justice among men who conduct their own affairs." -- Walter Lippmann

  • Ironic how this is coming from a woman who also advises men the same. Women usually complain about not enough nice guys yet they end up with ... not so nice guys. This video is for woman apparently who end up with choosing the not so nice guys. Men have it MANY times worse than women in finding someone. It is rare for men to be asked or accepted immediately by a woman. Women even complain about a lot of things. At the same time women want certain things they even complain about!

    They are too complicated. Can't ask in parking lot. Can't ask in gym. Can't ask in church. Can't ask in store. Each place is so women can do what they are there for and not be harassed by men asking them out.

    Feminism has destroyed the nuclear family and women and yes - men too- making them more weak and submissive to women. Women hold most of the power now days. And yes, even Christians don't always follow the roles God made us for.

  • Well done young Christian. And yes some of it is helping me as we speak. I was wondering which Bible you were quoting from, and now I know. So much I have to review my notes. I find it helpful to mimic a scribe and copy down the scripture. Sticks with me better. Who knows maybe one day He will bring it back to mind. I am always up for reminders. I am pretty sure that part of my life has done passed me by. But people do ask so it is good to have. Thanks for you joyous work, and may God Bless You. And no I ain't playin'.

  • Thank you for this, Liz. It came at the perfect time. Keep going.

    • As long as women continue to exploit the laws to strip men of everything they've worked for, then men should avoid women altogether.
    • Women are dangerous, where they can lob unfounded allegations that will cost a man everything, which is why men should avoid women altogether.
    • Women may control sex, but men control commitment. This is why men should use their control to counter that of women's, and avoid women altogether.

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