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Joe Biden, Starts Fear Mongering Campaign Predicting aka MAGA supporters will steal future elections
Sep 04, 2022




The same people who brought Russia Collusion (The Greatest Lie in US history before 2016) are now blaming law abiding citizens of doing the same.

How can you believe someone who continuously cries wolf?

My video is to warn you that Deep State is moving into the next phase of operation right before the November elections. Here we can see Biden, Predicting what he calls MAGA supporters will arm an assault against democracy. Equality and Democracy are under assault.

By this point people who do not hate existence know that whenever a DP Politician accuses someone of something is because they are guilty of that act themselves.

Conservatives KEEP THE PEACE

We might lose but we will lose together

What we need to do is turn off our phones get off the computers and hug ourselves in the streets. Get to know each other. Talk. BBQ. Live..

Deep State will not be stopped so buckle up and enjoy the ride. And share information in the process.

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