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Raissa Kengne, is a terrorist - The Song
Aug 29, 2022




I can't claim I'm well educated in the Raissa Kengne, case. The intent of my video is to bring awareness to the mainstream media bias. News has been weaponized to keep society divided and to bait terror in society. If a White man Kills to Black man in a racially motivated event; the incident becomes front line news for years. Please note this rarely happens but it happens continually in the black community.

What I ask from mainstream news is please report the damn news without bias. Your management of knowledge and information puts blood on your hands. Those who take orders from higher above to be selective with news, those who write the scripts, those who are the talking heads of the written scripts there is blood on your hands.

This world is bad and it's going to get worst. But playing defense for the enemy should be criminal

Please report the news.

True is that is news is reported with say 50% less bias: Most of the violent crimes are going to be in the white community, many of them are black on black crime.

We need to bring awareness to this situatioin to start and deal with our problems.

Not bait the problems to continue the terror.

And Yes, terror is good when its your job to maintain order. It is actually tasty.

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