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NINJA KIDS DOJO HOMESCHOOL 2022 - Sunday, September 3 ep220903
Sep 04, 2022

Ninja Kids Dojo

Bujinkan Snow Leopard Ninja Kids Dojo is an educational and motivational tool that can be of...



WARNING: We are not responsible for any injuries or subsequent harm derived from watching this video and / or material. Proceed at your own risk. We have put maximum effort on making this video as safe as possible. If you think a technique or movement is to hard for you please don't do it.


(extended) JUNAN TAISO - Ninja style soft warm up

LESSON INTRO - Current Events with rick

NINJA ARUKI: Sabaki and Tobi

NINJA KEN: Happo giri kata.

SHURIKENJUTSU: Nageru "throw".

TAIJUTSU: Mutodori Kata #1: Ken and shuriken. Taihodoki: hold and choke release.

Today's Themes: Sokushindo: foot reflexology. Revolutions of 1848; series of republican revolts against European monarchies.

Kids Dojo logo by @Lainey4freedom Online Church Services: by @Grumpy1992

The Goat Farm is a family owned and run business - shop best, shop at Gab!! We support: @GiveSendGo https// Moms for Liberty

For latest and most direct news: Gab @Michael_Yon

Music I use for this video: Japanese drums & flute: unknown artists "Expelling The Devil" Fleetwood Mac "The Chain"

Louise Belle and Goat Farm Products Music by Lesfm from Pixabay We respect Copyrights that protect the hard work and talent of other creators.

Video Sources:

Sokushindo - Foot Reflexology ( part 1 ) tune into Mr. Takaki's channel to see part 2 and other interesting videos.

The Revolutions of 1848 This channel will largely focus on presenting history in mapping. From the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, to conflicts throughout the world, see history unfold in maps.

Class Notes:

  • Please observe the parallel between the 1848 uprisings in Europea and what is going on today - history is cyclical

  • Focus: Today Kuromi decided to join us for the lesson, she is very pretty and does many things so that she gets hugs, attention and feels Loved. While I'm doing the lesson and explaining, she comes around - take this as an exercise of focusing and attention: first only focus on what I'm saying and doing even though you might feel inclined to look at her. Then, watch those parts of the video and concentrate on her. Do a final look and try to observe, see and understand all that's going on; me doing the lesson and Kuromi showing off - this is a good exercise for multi-tasking.

  • Good read:

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Never forget Ashli Babbit!! and pray for Justice and the release of the J6 political prisoners. Never forget how we were treated these last years by governments that "work for us".


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